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Trump derangement syndrome (TDS) is a pejorative term for criticism or negative reactions to United States President Donald Trump that are perceived to be irrational, and have little regard towards Trump's actual policy positions, or actions undertaken by his administration. The term has mainly been used by anyone sensible at all who knows that unnecessary criticising Trump like a buffoon without thinking and larping what MSNBC or CNN say is not a normal state of being. Journalists have used the term to call for restraint when judging Trump's statements and actions.
Crazy democrat supporter eg : Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Seth Myers, Stephen Colbert (who even other more sensible members of his party hate eg: Conan O'Brien) : Trump visited Afghanistan on Thanksgiving? wHaT a mONsTeR! REEE! he prolly did it only for the press! Orange Man Bad!
Any sensible person at all (including sensible democrats) : Damn, you've got a serious case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, huh?
by StarkGaryen October 22, 2020
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to get killed by a missile strike/surgical strike authorized by the US government, usually because of stupid shit you say or do
Iranian Supreme Leader : DEATH TO ISRAEL! DEATH TO AMERICA! blablabla.....
Random twitter users : Damn, he about to get soleimanied, huh?
by StarkGaryen November 28, 2020
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Witty, intelligent person whose major problem in life is that he procrastinates too much.
Richie : ffs, I had made such a great plan for my project. But I kept stalling, and now it's submission day, and I have nothing to show.
Sam : that's sad, it seems you were too much of a shardul.
by StarkGaryen October 20, 2020
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The noticeable tilt towards left-wing favourable coverage present in various institutions in American Media, which further causes more partisanship. Although it is subject to considerable exaggeration, it still exists in a clearly noticeable manner.
Examples of newscasters who are shamelessly and stupidly biased - Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon etc.
Examples of late-night show hosts who are biased on a level bordering insane - Stephen Colbert, Seth Myers, Trevor Noah, John Oliver
Centrist Person 1 - I know that far-right, neo-Nazis, science denying fools are scumbags but jeez, why is everything I see on the internet so fucking negative about literally anyone slightly anti-Democrat.
Centrist Person 2 - liberal bias. you gotta live with it
by StarkGaryen October 20, 2020
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the Democrats' version of Fox News(according to Bill Clinton himself), albeit less entertaining and most exasperating since about 2015.

Studies show that MSNBC is the most opinionated 'news' network, BY FAR, which just reinforces that it's garbage
person x : FOX, MSNBC, or CNN?
any sensible person : PBS. I like watching news, not glorified propaganda.
by StarkGaryen April 7, 2021
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A website dedicated to debunking misinformation and spreading a liberal version of politics which amuses conservatives because we find it HILARIOUS that liberals got so pissed off by junk such as Conservapedia so as to start their own version of it.(yes, yes, i know that it was conservapedia editors who started RationalWiki, but you get the point.)

Their information on pseudoscience and conspiracy theories is usually excellent, and they're fully willing to call something (such as homeopathy or other alt-med) out as bullshit without getting caught up in trying to be all "encyclopedic" like Wikipedia does.

However, their information on politics is VERY left-leaning. They use ad-hominems and strawmen to misrepresent and degrade anybody even SLIGHLTLY right-of-center, which is funny because they have fine articles about such logical fallacies. They have a tendency to conflate two unrelated things (ex: NoFap and neo-Nazis) so as to make fun of/ mock one of the things in question (NoFap in this circumstance). While a better name would be leftyWiki (remove all the sensible stuff from the wiki in this case), they do have the sense to criticize communism and socialism.

What's funny is how they continually call Donald Trump an anti-semite, despite the fact that his daughter is a Jew (and so is his son-in-law and grandkids), and that he's had the most pro-Israel administration in decades. (Their other criticism about his idiocy at times is on point.)
Stonetoss : *makes amusing comic about how no-fap gives you crazy powers*
RationalWiki : gotEEM!!! he's totally parroting supposed Neo-Nazi stances about how not fapping is a white man's thing (self control and shit). this means he's a NAZI!
by StarkGaryen April 7, 2021
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Is 46 going to be any better than 45? it's the american govt, so don't have high hopes
by StarkGaryen January 20, 2021
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