A term used to validate some erroneous claim. Usually the sources of the "studies" are not revealed. People will use the anonymous "studies" as some sort of statistical evidence.
Studies show that a person's level of happiness is directly linked to his or her involvement in community service.
by Turkey Trot January 21, 2011
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No I believe it because the studies show that it's what's happening. Therefore, it isn't a belief. It is a true thing that is happening, actually.
Hym "Yeah, the studies show that women are selecting men 6< for short term reproductive success and men >6 for long term relationships. The studies on the issue... Are literally just Critical fat cock theory. Now, you have to consider: Why are the relationships short term? Are they INTENDED to be short term? Is it just hooking up? IRRELEVANT! EITHER WAT that is what they are seeking out INITIALLY. Are they coming out of the gate seeking long term relationships? No. So, when the fat cocks are done with them? Relationship time! That's critical fat cock theory. And it isn't a 'belief.' It isn't misinformation. It's MALINFORMATION (According to that bitch Cory who "DiD tHe ReSeArCh" and I'll tell you what, if I get my hands on her, she's going to need to do some research on why her ass is pink... I'll give you a hint! 🖐). Which means 'Information that is TRUE but makes people look bad.' This just IS what's happening. The data shows that it's happening. If you ask them what they are doing or looking for they will tell you what they're doing. That's why the religion. It's a breeding cult to protect the fact cocks. Critical fat cock theory explains everything! It's the grand unifying theory of human interaction."
by Hym Iam September 12, 2023
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