to undertake a risky journey or action.
Myers and Jones is a joint venture.
I ventured eating at Miffy's
by hans huizenga August 15, 2006
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The Ventures is an awesome instrumental group formed by Don Wilson and Bob Bogle. They started in 1958 being masorny workers at the time.

The Ventures mostly pioneered in surf and rock genres. Also Indian and Arabic (among other) themes can be found in their music.

What else there is to say... they clearly changed the whole industry by their creative and inspiring touch
Have you heard Wipe Out by The Ventures? The drummer must have pretty friggin sore arms after that kinda insane whipping...
by CheepniS July 27, 2008
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A male or female Australian scout between the age of 15 and 18. Who loves to party with others, dance to rave/scar music and gets pissed often. They also love fire and knifes. Venturers do it in the bush
Girl: Dude your a venturer thats sweet
Boy: want to party?
Girl: Hell yes
by Lotti. July 21, 2008
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To leave everything and go somewhere without knowing anyone
by Rayhant January 9, 2016
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Those runners are so venture dude! Where did you get them? Zellers?
by VelcroStraps May 18, 2011
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To be extraordinarilly lame. To think one's self as cool when they are really lame. To sit back and not take risks. Very boring.
Man that kid who is sleeping is so Venture.
by Mad Haxor 84 September 28, 2006
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sick brand makes trucks and other parts.
i got new ventures on my deck.
by crazygtrider6669 April 7, 2006
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