When you feel the pain and cruelty of the world around you.
Sensitive people just want to make the world a better place.
by Dubiks December 20, 2018
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someone who goes and cries in the corner because you called them a noob
sensitive= "bro u so bad lol" "stop why are you always mean to me can you actually respect my feelings for once"
by fjaifpajomksafg September 4, 2020
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Being sensitive doesn't mean that you're crying in the corner over nothing. It means to be aware of your emotions and being in touch with them.
Being sensitive is not a bad thing like some people think. It just means that you are aware, which is great ;)
by gingerbread gal July 8, 2011
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A quality in men person a significant portion, probably the majority, of women are attracted to. The are women who tend her go for jerks but those women tend to suffer from co-dependency issues. Sensitive guys make better boyfriends than macho insensitive pigs.
Sarah went with Tom because he was more sensitive and treated her well. Her last boyfriend treated her really badly.
by Leon Trotsky February 12, 2008
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The last thing a woman wants a man to be, yet, because she does not know herself, hypocritically claims to be looking for.
Women have never, ever liked sensitive guys, unless they are also assholes.
by Killing Kittens March 31, 2005
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A quality girls say they need from a guy, hoping he, like millions of others, will cave in and start crying like a bitch and doing other sappy "sensitive things", like holding her hand and writing things for her.

See also: poetry
Josh became a sensitive guy for Andrea, so Luke and I beat him to shit.
by Dispatch Kick Ass July 17, 2004
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