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People who live in your city that have no personality, bland, and like anything that’s mainstream. They think they’re quirky for whatever they do, but in reality are blended in with other locals. They judge anything that is underrated and are just basic in general. They’re the type to overuse emojis unironically, post fried memes/selfies of themselves, have cringey Instagram bios like “12, bad bitch 💕😂, better than u 😘” or whatever the hell. They have no sense of humor and don’t know what memes are.
Locals have no personality and think they’re funny.
by katsukitings July 23, 2018
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locals are very generic people who live in your area. they sleep on almost everything decent and tend to be uneducated about important things. people on stan twitter often use this word to talk about their peers
locals won’t stop hyping up riverdale
by ohyesadresser February 06, 2018
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People on Twitter who are very generic and from your area. Typically used by hardcore and pop-punk twitter to describe people not in the alternative scene. A less cringey term for "normies."
Locals are so boring all do is retweet @dory and tweet rap lyrics
by Madisonblegh November 10, 2017
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a person who lives in your area and is typically very uninformed and lacks a personality. these are the people who listen to post malone/russ, shop at PINK, and juul excessively; their sense of humor derives from the office and the memes on their instagram feeds from 5 months ago and they seem to have no outward-facing view of life. they only use their twitter to look at @dory, tweet happy birthday messages to some white girl in 2015, or tweet at their school district for snow days.
these locals are really testing they the type of bitches to close the refrigerator wit they hips while they listen to drake
by oatmealbitch June 14, 2018
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A way to describe “basic” people from your area. Typically known to retweet generic/vague tweets from fake Drake and Post Malone twitter accounts because they think they’re “deep”. Generally tend to only stay in the town they’re from because they lack the potential or are afraid to branch out somewhere else.
“Why does Nick always hangout at the mall?”
“Yeah, what a local
by AT15 April 22, 2018
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A better way to say "normies". Locals are the type of people who don't have a unique personality. They aren't really unique but for some reason, they try to be which doesn't end well. A sure way to make a baby grow into a local is by raising them into a small town and making them part of many communities as they grow and grow older. They are like bandwagons, but they don't copy everyone else. Sometimes you'll wonder if they are actually siblings with other locals or in fact twins. Or hell even clones.
God, Lincoln has so many locals, I wish someone was different for once. Wait, did you see that girl? She doesn't look from around here........maybe she can get me away from these overdramatic locals!!!
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Prominant people who have lived in an area for an extended period of time.
"Yeah, he's mad local up in Newy. Everyone knows him."
by Diego August 31, 2003
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