non stans who use emojis , have auto caps on, listen to drake, have cringy ass bios, like everything mainstream and buy tickets to concerts bc they are cheap and stand there not knowing words. locals are ugly
stan : thats so skinny djdkdj
locals: What does djdkdj mean?

Kiki do you love me?
by skinnymariah September 25, 2018
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stan twitter: i cant believe this girl from my school is tryna learn our slang !?
locals: haha tea spilled yass queen snatched my weave omg throwing shade at that bop
stan twitter: SHUT THE FUCK UP IDIOT
by sadbitchasswhore September 24, 2018
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local people are people who have auto caps on and uses cringy ass emojis like '😂😭' they also have bad taste in music and have cringy ass bios on insta they usually stan people like drake and cardi b, they're wannabes and try to keep up with memes but you'll see them laughing at a 2 month old meme on instagram, they're so cheap and you'll normally see them shop in victorias secret pink, they are also so unoriginal and try to copy what stans do
local: oMg tHaT cArDi sOnG iS sO gOoD, iTs sO TrEnDy !1!1!1!1
by jaina thair January 14, 2019
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Locals are the most basic human beings you will ever meet. They all like Emma chamberlain, riverdale and listen to the most mainstream music. They think they're unique and call everything a fucking mood
local: Omg Emma chamberlain is so funny what a mood lol I love riverdale 😍😚
normal human being: local
by saumil Lover November 17, 2018
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People who live in your city that have no personality, bland, and like anything that’s mainstream. They think they’re quirky for whatever they do, but in reality are blended in with other locals. They judge anything that is underrated and are just basic in general. They have no sense of humor and don’t know what memes are.
Locals have no personality and think they’re funny for example Alex from twitter
by Weekenderatmyhouse January 27, 2019
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local is a term stans use to describe basically people who arent like them. in a more specific definition, locals are people who jump on the badwagon trend-wise and think they are unique. locals think that they are woke because they retweeted a tweet about global warming but really thats it; they have no real opinion/arent educated about other things (at least most of them). easily identifiable by their basic brandy melville or tillys top and american eagle jeans or lulu lemon shorts, they tend to only buy stuff they see other people wearing. locals seem to copy trends that non-locals start. you might also find them on instagram with a “photography account” that only has badly edited sunset pictures or shallow DoF plant photos. they also have very basic music taste such as drake, post malone, rex orange county, and ariana grande. to summarize, locals are the new basic white girl that probably gave you a dirty look when you pronounced billie eilishs name wrong and love emma chamberlain.
stan: skdjsjjs im baby🥺
local: what? 😂😂


person one: have you listened to rex orange county? i just started listening to them because all my friends did.
person 2: yea like 2 years ago i did jskdjs but then the locals kinda ruined it
by blueneighbourhood April 29, 2019
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A person who listens to Harry Styles but is rude toward his ex-band mates from One Direction. Locals favorite song by Harry Styles tends to be “Adore You” or “Watermelon Sugar”. Locals also don’t know the beauty of the unreleased beauty of “Medicine” and “Oh Anna”, they are also know for denying Harry’s feminine side and they call him straight although he does not define his sexuality.
“Did you see the locals on twitter saying Harry was forced to do the Beauty Papers photoshoot” - Harry stan
by Katie-Marie April 25, 2020
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