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Short for "Alternative TikTok". A side of the TikTok For You Page that features "Alternative" Content. Such as the color customizer filter, videos with songs by Clairo, Penelope Scott, and other Indie/alternative artists, Partially dyed hair, Skateboarding, aesthetics inspired by early 2000s nostalgia, lack of Avani Gregg, and girls who claim to be Alternative even though they made fun of the Emo kids in Middle School.
"Stay away from Sally, she's on Alt TikTok. If you make fun of her, she'll bark at you, and shove iced tea down your throat all while blasting 100 Gecs in the background."
by ChickenScrxtch82 January 3, 2021
A slang term used as a response to something weird or a question you don’t want to answer. Pronounced as “child” but without the “d” at the end. The term “Chile” became popularized during an incident in which Nicki Minaj was asked a question about her large breasts during an Instagram Live, to which she responded with “umm chile, anyways, so...” Her response later became a meme, and the word “chile” soon gained popularity as well, although it had already been being used among the Black Community for years.
“Hey did you know I fucked my dog yesterday?”
by ChickenScrxtch82 January 3, 2021
Short for "stan hater" ; a person who hates on stans and stan culture.
by ChickenScrxtch82 February 9, 2021
The opposite of PogChamp, used to describe something not awesome.
Person 1: My dog in Minecraft got killed yesterday.
Person 2: SadChamp
by ChickenScrxtch82 January 7, 2021
Possibly one of the most stupid TikTok trends to ever come into existence. The trend consists of stealing one or even multiple random items from your school, sneaking them home via jansport backpack, and then showing them off to your 5 followers. Some of the most common items being stolen include soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, toilet paper rolls, exit signs, classroom signs, and other small/medium sized bathroom items or supplies. Some kids are so bold as to steal larger and often expensive items such as bathroom mirrors, sinks, projectors, bathroom stall doors, and even full on toilets/urinals.

The word 'lick' is a slang term that's used to refer to a successful theft mission that often results in a valuable reward for the protagonist. In this trend's case, the reward would be a high amount of likes and views, along with a large increase in followers on the uploader's account. And since people are really out here stealing entire sinks and toilets, these so called "licks" definitely are devious.
Hopefully the devious lick trend will come to a full stop soon, and all the affected schools will be able to move past it.
The more Devious Licks you hit, the more clout-hungry you look.
by ChickenScrxtch82 September 22, 2021
An expression in reference to the popular queer music artist 'Girl In Red' who writes indie/bedroom-pop style songs about two girls in love with each other. Her music is widely popular throughout the LGBTQ+ and Lesbian communities. The phrase "Does she listen to Girl In Red?" or its more direct variation, "Do you listen to Girl In Red?" is typically used as a more secretive way to ask someone if they or a certain person is/are a Lesbian.
Bob: Hey Sally, do you listen to Girl In Red?
Sally: Yes, now stand behind the line or your girlfriend will be mine.
by ChickenScrxtch82 January 5, 2021
Someone who relies on trends to seem "cool" or "quirky" instead of creating their own unique style. Trendhopping is extremely common when it comes to clothing, but really, it can occur around anything that's popular (music styles, singers/bands/other artists, tv shows, etc). Trendhoppers will manage to turn a style of clothing into a personality trait for as long as the trend lasts. Once it ends, they either move onto something else, or go back to basic jeans and a t-shirt.
Amanda used to wear collared sweaters and skirts all the time, but now she just wears skinny jeans and a boring shirt everyday. What a trendhopper!
by ChickenScrxtch82 July 4, 2021