n. Your local neighbourhood pub
"Hey mate, lets go down to the local for a pint."
by Cahir October 24, 2004
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Prominant people who have lived in an area for an extended period of time.
"Yeah, he's mad local up in Newy. Everyone knows him."
by Diego August 31, 2003
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"Oh look at these locals listening to the 1975 and trying to like them, but you know that's a lie bc they can't relate to it"
by 666unloyal July 14, 2018
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someone in your area who is very generic who has no individuality. they only like anything that’s popular or overrated. they’re most likely not educated on important subjects or simply don’t care about them. locals tend to listen to post malone, drake, migos, cardi b and similar artists. they like the most mediocre memes or they don’t know what a meme is at all. they have an unfunny sense of humor. they try to be “relatable” or “quirky” but they’re just cringey
Person 1: “Ava is such a local! She thinks that she’s funny and ‘quirky’ because she posted that unfunny meme the other day!”

Person 2: “I know right! She has no personality.”
by violishis October 30, 2018
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someone with no personality, unique (but not really) to your area. they all look the same, talk the same, dress the same, and like the same things. they only listen to mainstream music, shop at PINK and hollister, drink gallons of starbucks, and, worst of all, think they're "alternative," "edgy" or "qUirKY" in some way. the word is often used by twitter stans to describe people outside of stan culture. see also: basic, normie, thot
lia: dude, jenny is so hot
may: no way she's such a local

stan: SiS MY WIG IS GONE sksksksksksskks what a skinny legend !! iconic
stan: fuckiNG TEA !! what a queeN i"M--
local: wtf is sksksksksksks?
local: she's not skinny??
local: why didn't you finish your sentence???
by localsister May 23, 2019
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local is a term stans use to describe basically people who arent like them. in a more specific definition, locals are people who jump on the badwagon trend-wise and think they are unique. locals think that they are woke because they retweeted a tweet about global warming but really thats it; they have no real opinion/arent educated about other things (at least most of them). easily identifiable by their basic brandy melville or tillys top and american eagle jeans or lulu lemon shorts, they tend to only buy stuff they see other people wearing. locals seem to copy trends that non-locals start. you might also find them on instagram with a “photography account” that only has badly edited sunset pictures or shallow DoF plant photos. they also have very basic music taste such as drake, post malone, rex orange county, and ariana grande. to summarize, locals are the new basic white girl that probably gave you a dirty look when you pronounced billie eilishs name wrong and love emma chamberlain.
stan: skdjsjjs im baby🥺
local: what? 😂😂


person one: have you listened to rex orange county? i just started listening to them because all my friends did.
person 2: yea like 2 years ago i did jskdjs but then the locals kinda ruined it
by blueneighbourhood April 29, 2019
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a local is basically everyone, also the #1 definition on here of locals is accurate bc it is a less cringey version of “normies” at this point only locals use the word locals
“You’re such a local for listening to drake instead of listening to BROCKHAMPTON” ((you’re a local for even using the word locals))
by SpaghettiZen July 09, 2018
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