locals are people who are VERY generic. they have personality but they stay blended in with most of the crowd. they love things like Riverdale, generic memes from accounts like dory or pms, they love using old Twitter slang like “tea” “wig” “that’s the tea” “shook” “oof”
ugh, i’m surrounded by locals who swear they’re up and fresh.
by theybetalkingdownonme October 21, 2018
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Someone who pretends to like a band but only knows a couple of songs
Alexa Foster is a local because she only listens to Harry Styles
by alexaisalocal August 08, 2020
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A better way to say "normies". Locals are the type of people who don't have a unique personality. They aren't really unique but for some reason, they try to be which doesn't end well. A sure way to make a baby grow into a local is by raising them into a small town and making them part of many communities as they grow and grow older. They are like bandwagons, but they don't copy everyone else. Sometimes you'll wonder if they are actually siblings with other locals or in fact twins. Or hell even clones.
God, Lincoln has so many locals, I wish someone was different for once. Wait, did you see that girl? She doesn't look from around here........maybe she can get me away from these overdramatic locals!!!
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A “local” is a person who is very slow or uneducated and/ or doesn’t know a lot about trendy/current things.
how do you not know that song, smh your such a local.
by swineeater April 13, 2019
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someone with no personality, unique (but not really) to your area. they all look the same, talk the same, dress the same, and like the same things. they only listen to mainstream music, shop at PINK and hollister, drink gallons of starbucks, and, worst of all, think they're "alternative," "edgy" or "qUirKY" in some way. the word is often used by twitter stans to describe people outside of stan culture. see also: basic, normie, thot
lia: dude, jenny is so hot
may: no way she's such a local

stan: SiS MY WIG IS GONE sksksksksksskks what a skinny legend !! iconic
stan: fuckiNG TEA !! what a queeN i"M--
local: wtf is sksksksksksks?
local: she's not skinny??
local: why didn't you finish your sentence???
by localsister May 23, 2019
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local is a word mainly used on stan twitter to describe someone who says they 'stan' a specific person after a large achievement for that person (e.g when Ariana Grande dropped 'Thank u, next' she gained a lot of so called 'stans', you would call those people locals as they only like her for her huge hit instead of for the rest of her music/personality). It shouldn't be used to describe someone basic or someone who uses specific emojis (;
'wow please say that louder for the locals at the back'
'you're such a local'
by buteralovhes May 07, 2019
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Prominant people who have lived in an area for an extended period of time.
"Yeah, he's mad local up in Newy. Everyone knows him."
by Diego August 31, 2003
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