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Name originating in Old English meaning "Hay Meadow"

Commonly found to be very sweet girls with huge hearts, Haileighs are loved by many of the people who's lives they've touched.

However, this prominent attribute may also lead to heartache and turmoil. For those who have huge hearts like a Haileigh, life cannot be all sunshine.

But Hailieghs should take heart, for without the rain that comes from the storms, the grass would not grow in the spring...
"Everyone loves Haileigh!"
by NoOneThatSpecial February 03, 2010
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Haileigh is my amazing best friend, everyone needs a Haileigh she is soooo funny, pretty, and sweet we hang everyday she can make u smile just like that. Haileigh has a dirty mind just like me lol, we get in a lot of shit together and do dumb things. I love my Haileigh. Oh and she will kick your ass if u hurt her frineds.
Girl #1 Who the fuck is that crazy girl
Girl #2 that’s Haileigh don’t fuck with her frineds she will kill you
by PopUlargirl0720 May 03, 2018
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Haileigh is a very sexy and very beautiful, she has big tits and a big heart. Is an amazing kisser and loved by all. Can be loved very easily and is a very rare girl to find
Haileigh is loved by all!!!
by Merkat1568 April 14, 2016
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One of the sexiest people you know. Best dick sucker you know. Her ass is huge. She can fit up to 3 penis'sin her mouth at any moment. No gag reflex. Perfect party slut
Wow she's so Haileigh
by UglyGodHamez March 16, 2017
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Haileigh is literally the best human being to walk on to this earth, she is a goddess. she is always there for you no matter what, she would walk through hell with you. she's beautiful wait no shes fucking sexy. she is funny, has a great smile, makes you laugh when your crying, an amazing best friend, she is a thick girl, tall and brown hair brown eyes. she will always put her friends first no matter what. she will also kick anybody's ass if they're fucking with the people she loves. if you every get a hold of a haileigh never let go.
person 1. hey guys here comes haileigh

person 2. whos that
person 1. shes the best person every and really sexy.
person 2. ohhh that haileigh and hell ya she is
by mickey242006 May 21, 2019
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