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People who live in your city that have no personality, bland, and like anything that’s mainstream. They think they’re quirky for whatever they do, but in reality are blended in with other locals. They judge anything that is underrated and are just basic in general. They’re the type to overuse emojis unironically, post fried memes/selfies of themselves, have cringey Instagram bios like “12, bad bitch 💕😂, better than u 😘” or whatever the hell. They have no sense of humor and don’t know what memes are.
Locals have no personality and think they’re funny.
by katsukitings July 23, 2018
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Two people being aware of having feelings for each other, but want to take things slow (talking is another term, but yknow)
Him and I are in a crushlationship. We like each other and plan on dating, but we wanna take it slow.
by katsukitings December 8, 2018
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