A word used by stan twitter to describe basic people. They are often seen saying “tea” and “sis”, watch Shane Dawson, Emma Chamberlain, The Dolan Twins, and James Charles.
Person 2: You are the biggest local I know
by Chuckecheeses January 15, 2019
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there are multiple types of locals.

the most annoying type of local uses emojis excessively and unironically. the most common emojis used by this breed are “💯😂🤣🤤” they also say things like “lmao” or “LOL” and sometimes even “finna”. they make lomotifs/ edits and LIVE FOR sad song edits, you know the ones where it’s something by x or shiloh and it’s all black, the text just jumps and twists for each lyric. yea those. they listen to blueface and shove “yea aiight” down everyone’s throats.
non local :“hey wanna come to the movies with me and some of the girls from our pe class?”
local: “haha can’t sorry blueface is releasing a new song 😂😂”
non local: “oh okay have fun”
local: “and i have to catch up on my edits, i haven’t posted one on my moodz edits account and my followers are getting mad😂😂💯”
non local: “okay have fun”
non local #2: “she’s such a local oh my”
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by sevenatenein February 06, 2019
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Locals are the general population who make cultural decisions for everyone. Locals decide which generic movie to give $1 billion to in the box office, whichever braindead manufactured music “artist” to hype, to hype popular TV shows like The Office or Friends (not that they’re bad, they’re just overhyped by locals). Monthly, locals see new memes that stans started, thanks to locals it blows up to over 100k likes/RTs and gets repetitive/ unfunny.

Locals are less manic, less obsessed versions of fans/ stans because they’re a bandwagon—a mob. If a celebrity or social media influencer is problematic or toxic & gets called out locals will say “cancel culture is toxic”, “people are so sensitive nowadays”, “it was so many years ago”. Locals don’t have the range on any social issues. Locals are confused in knowing if Jeffree Star saying the n-word is that bad, if Ariana’s or Kim K’s fake tan is blackface, if Chris Brown & R.Kelly are abusers/predators, if Cardi B is transphobic, if Eminem is homophobic or if Drake/Post Malone/Miley aren’t culture vultures, etc. Locals keep superficial vanity alive as the standard then they complain about “making stupid people famous”, “I’m born in the wrong generation”, “music nowadays sucks”, “everyone is naked now & has plastic surgery”. I personally believe locals are mentally stuck being shallow vessels in life since their favorite catchphrase is “it’s not that deep”.
We’re not locals but hating on trendy, popular things is not a personality trait. You’re not that edgy! You’re fake woke, you’re a fake deep sjw.
by nutjobplanet April 24, 2019
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“Local” is a term used for people who who are so basic and boring, it literally hurts to look at. This personality trait is so common you can find them anywhere like StarBucks or at some random thrift shop. These people are obsessed with Emma Chamberlain and Coachella. Locals are able to easily be spotted out of you see someone that tried to be eStHeTiC. Some phrases these people use are “periodt” “tea” “thrifting” and “sis”. The only music they listen to is I relatable music about how some random girl wants to act like she is sad about boys. They no matter what will have the iPhone XR in some bright color, and always have a YouTube channel with cringe vlogs about how they hate their lives. They always spill everyone’s tea so never trust them
She is so local when she takes pictures of her Starbucks drink with her iPhone XR
by Not Local April 27, 2019
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"Oh look at these locals listening to the 1975 and trying to like them, but you know that's a lie bc they can't relate to it"
by 666unloyal July 14, 2018
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