The communication and lifestyle of bud-smokers. 12 percent of this stays rather anonymous.
gert: Yo, met this real chill girl. Oddly enough she even knew what it's like to watch the food channel late at night, found out she was one of the locals.
jeff: it's amzing.
gert: what is?
jeff: How uninteresting your story is because I don't smoke.
gert: yea, I figured.
by TMC (the marvelous christian) October 12, 2009
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That guy is local.

I wish I was as local as that guy.

Don't mess with him, he's local.

Jake, Andre, Miles, Beebe
by Jake Woods January 09, 2008
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San Diego--geographically situtated in the lowest southern-most part of Cali. Acronym for Lower California. Even further south than socal.
"socal is great, but I like to vacation in local because it gets me further away from nocal."
by Crapholio July 22, 2005
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1) One who has gone through 4 cars in 2 years of driving.
2) One who has a stupid-ass chin beard.
3)One who likes boys
"You are such a local!"
by Rob March 18, 2003
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Any locally manufactured, lower-quality ecstacy pill. Usually without a print (logo) on it.
"You wanna buy any locals? Half the price of normal pills."
by Diego August 25, 2003
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If you even need to search up what a local is,,,then you are one.
by Bitterhoe October 12, 2018
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imperial fassys that think they are bad n roll like chavs giving shines at all times.
Oi man. Aks and Shiv and Vips and Pranav are all locals man.
by local October 29, 2004
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