n. Your local neighbourhood pub
"Hey mate, lets go down to the local for a pint."
by Cahir October 24, 2004
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a local is someone who lives in your city who is basic, bland, etc. they use cringy emojis like “😂🤪😃😭💀🥴🤠” and more. they also use commonly used phrases but don’t know what they mean. they have NO sense of humor at all! OH, and they leave their auto caps on
a local: Hey ! 😂💞
by a random.person August 13, 2019
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1. adj. (from Google) Belonging or relating to a particular area or neighborhood
2. noun (from Google) A local person or thing, in particular
2a. Focusing on the later, it is a slang term certain Indian boys say to explain their enthusiasm upon seeing a beautiful girl at the gym, some park, or around the neighborhood
Melvin: "So what's the locality rating today?"
Mr. V: "I'd say around a 6.9. But dude, you should've been at Belmont Park yesterday, it was a good 7.5."
Melvin: "Hmmm..."

Get your local fresh produce today!

Drake: "Started off local, but thanks to all the haters I know G4 pilots on a first name basis..."
by Poopdogg July 18, 2012
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Regional. Hawaii. Pidgin English.

1. n. a person born and raised in Hawaii.
2. adj. describing a person born and raised in Hawaii.
3. n. a person with dark skin, but not black.
4. n. Consisting of one or more of these ethnic backgrounds: Hawaiian, any Polynesian, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese.
5. adj. describing the culture and or food of modern Hawaii
1. Dat guy is Japanee, but not local.
2. Eh, I one, haole, but I local.
3. The suspect was described as local.
4. My fadda stay local, and my mom stay haole.
5. I miss da local food!
by theunknowngl October 16, 2004
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someone in your area who is very generic who has no individuality. they only like anything that’s popular or overrated. they’re most likely not educated on important subjects or simply don’t care about them. locals tend to listen to post malone, drake, migos, cardi b and similar artists. they like the most mediocre memes or they don’t know what a meme is at all. they have an unfunny sense of humor. they try to be “relatable” or “quirky” but they’re just cringey
Person 1: “Ava is such a local! She thinks that she’s funny and ‘quirky’ because she posted that unfunny meme the other day!”

Person 2: “I know right! She has no personality.”
by violishis October 30, 2018
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a local is basically everyone, also the #1 definition on here of locals is accurate bc it is a less cringey version of “normies” at this point only locals use the word locals
“You’re such a local for listening to drake instead of listening to BROCKHAMPTON” ((you’re a local for even using the word locals))
by SpaghettiZen July 09, 2018
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a word normies have created on Twitter to validate their annoying memes they have created.
normies: i hate ppl who aren't locals because they don't understand the meme culture on Twitter.
by m8ina August 05, 2018
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