this is when someone says some fuck shit and you have no reaction for it.
dumbass: don’t you hate when you’re walking down the street and some spaghetti falls out of your pocket?

you: i-
by nateclip March 16, 2018
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When teens don't know what to say so they hold the conversation up for everyone.
Bitches be like: I- I- You- Wow I-

Bitch what? Speak. Spit it the fuck out. What do you want to say? I'm listening. We are all waiting and you are doing nothing. This is nonsense. You can't even use words anymore. Go the hell outside for once damn. God damn. Get a job or something.
by Anonynnous123 October 6, 2020
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If somebody says this to you, you done fucked up m8.
Yuti: i suck toes for a living.
Hennie: cold toes are the yummiest
Kiley: i-
by thattwogay January 8, 2019
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Something that's used by basic ass cringy teenage girls who, for some reason, can't finish their sentences properly. saying I- in meme formats in youtube gains these unfunny cringy teenage girls hundreds, or even a thousand likes by their fellow cringy and retarded teenage girls.
random youtuber: so I actually like apples

dumb teenage girl: I-
by checkanchor July 7, 2020
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What every teen girl says in every sentence for literally no fucking reason
Person: hi
Teen girl: i-
Person: finish your sentence
Teen girl: you- i-
by Dreqmss December 9, 2020
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annoying and basic hoes use i-
did you hear that blah blah blah
them: i-

by ardivfx August 21, 2020
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a thing used by cringy gacha kids on the internet
person 1: i-
me: i will snap your neck
by howietheturtle July 17, 2021
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