essentially means in modern slang, "I agree". It signals one person's commonality with another's presented comment or statement.
"Ugh dude I'm so tired bro"
"Retweet my friend. Retweet. Got three hours of sleep because I was studying."
by Peaceandblessings March 7, 2017
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On twitter, to copy a tweet and then send it again on twitter.
I will retweet that post since it was such a great idea.
by seo steve September 15, 2008
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What mama bird regurgitates into baby bird's mouth.
Mama bird retweeted her offspring's sustenance directly into their snapping beaks.
by Moggraider February 13, 2011
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if somebody agrees to something that someone else says they can reply with "retweet"
Jessica: holy shit antione's dick is small
Emma: retweet!!
by letmeseeyourdogs March 13, 2022
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When you retweet a link and pretend you didn’t read or watch it if someone calls you out on it.
Donald Trump’s retweetments are total bs on the most part.He hides his racist views in plain sight.Then he pretends to be innocent.
by 93 yourcultleader93 September 15, 2020
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also known as retweeting, to retweet or RT

1) A way of reposting tweets on twitter to your twitter timeline.
2) Saying something that someone else just said

Twiterguy1: something awesome
Twitter_gal34: @Twiterguy1 RT something awesome

Guy3: it wont go down!
Guy1: thats what she said
Guy2: thats what she said
Guy1: i just said that
Guy2: i retweeted it
by zinfandel daydreamer May 21, 2011
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Information or statement that should be retweeted
Jes: “Courtney is one of my least favorite people‼️🗣”
by D. SASTER?! January 30, 2021
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