A person who fought for the South during the American Civil War. They had several nicknames in addition to Confederates, which was their official title, as well as their new "nation". Other nicknames include Grayback, Secesh, Traitor, and Rebel.
The total number of Confederate soldiers who served during the War of Southern Aggression is not exact, but it said to be somewhere around 750,000 men. They were usually seen wearing four different kinds of uniforms: gray wool standard, butternut-brown dyed (uniforms captured from Union dead, and then converted), colorful French-styled "Zouave", and finally (and practically) little or no uniform. Over half of the Confederates and their respective government were too poor to afford full standard uniforms for even the majority of there soldiers, so they would wear regular civilian clothing mixed with various pieces of Confederate uniform (hats, trousers, etc.) along with their ammunition belts and other gear.
These Southern soldiers were exceptionally brave and more well-trained with guns; a great number of their commanders, from regiments to corps, were very talented in military strategy and were far beyond competent. Many of the Southerners had colorful, dashing personalities and attitudes. They also knew the land of which they would be defending on throughout most of the Civil War.
However, they didn't have certain qualities that Northerners and Midwesterners fighting for the Union did. These include powerful industrial strength, a population nearly four times greater, a majority of those same people with unflinching determination, many different kinds of uniforms (including some better looking ones), and easy access to munitions, leather goods, and railroad transportation. In addition, the Unionists also had great courageousness, even if they lacked the flashy and colorful personality traits of the Southerners. Furthermore, the Unionists in the lower Midwest (Missouri, Kentucky, southern Indiana) and in Pennsylvania and Maryland also knew the ground that they would have to defend a few times during the War. Overall, though, the Confederates had some of the best soldiers that the world has ever seen.
Now many southerners today are obsessed with this war, these belligerents, and the rebellion in general. Many of them are trying to find out if they had Confederate ancestors who fought in the war. Now there are a lot of southern girls who are militantly Confederate as well, even more than the women back then. Rebel flag apparel is popular with all of them today.
Confederate soldiers vowed to keep on fighting, and didn't stop until the surrenders of Lee and Johnston in early and late April 1865.
by The Kentucky Yankee May 01, 2005
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"I love the Union and the Constitution, but I would rather
leave the Union with the Constitution than remain in the Union without it.''
Jefferson Davis
by Sic Semper Tyrannis June 17, 2005
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A mixed drink containing 1 part whiskey 1 part Kahlua 2 parts cream.

Confederate is a mixed drink containing everything the south claims to be. North America's favorite alcohol, combined with a Latin cordial, and dominated by something extremely white. The actual flavor comes from something far more black then they care to admit...

For your consideration,

Erik Lobo
Bar keep give me a Confederate...
by M&MEnterprizes August 24, 2019
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a gentleman and a patriot who cares about his country and has the fucking guts to speak up when something is wrong. they hate northerners.
Yankees: 1
Confederates: 0

Its only half time bitches
by conservative joe June 06, 2005
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A term used for people of the south during the civil war.

they gained this name after the south suceeded from the union, they began to call them selves "the confederate states".

they went to war with the unionists, and GOT THEIR ASSES KICKED!!!
the confederate states were filled with slave driving pricks that quickly developed a taste for their sisters, aunts, cousins, brothers, fathers, ect.
by zoddtheimmortall January 13, 2006
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A soldier who is a member of a Group of Living Historians who portray the American Civil War. They came from both the sides of the conflict, some confederates and some union men. But they formed the most hard fighting, hard drinking, tough as nails unit known in the hobby. They are more of a secret society that has a public face, but all whom know of them do not play around with them, fore they take no sides, there side is the side of the confederal. A conglomerate of both Union and Confederate Ideals. True rebels, true revolutionaries.
The confederals are on the advance and ready to attack both the union and confederates.
by Commander of the Confederals September 10, 2009
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