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Flatulence or "farting" while drinking BEER during the 1980s, apparently.

(Definitely NOT being blackout drunk and committing sexual assault while under the influence of young male white privilege, denying it 35 years later, and taking your "rightful" place on the SCOTUS after an all-too-brief, limited-in-scope sham investigation. Not that.)
"Wow, check out Kavanaugh! When he boffs, the girls start running!"
by Public Publius October 11, 2018
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1. (Verb) To give an misogynistic, borderline-hysterical political performance for the benefit of a legislative body and/or a well-connected sexual predator.

2. (Noun) A sniveling, closeted Republican hack from South Carolina.
1. "Jerry's speech at the town meeting sure was over-the-top -- what kind of a person argues AGAINST 18 U.S.C. § 2250 (Failure to register)? Someone there should tell him there's no point in Lindsey Graham Cracker-ing federal law!"

2. New cadets at the Citadel beware: often, older men claiming to offer "special mentorship" and invitations off campus to drink mint juleps are nothing more than Lindsey Graham Crackers lying in wait.
by Public Publius October 12, 2018
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To con, bankrupt, and insult your way to the top of a national power structure, where you remain blustering, clueless, and harmful to others.
"Nice party, Sophie. Hey -- Check out that weird looking guy in the corner, alone. Should we invite him over, just to be nice?"

"Nah, he'll just Donald Trump our good time."
by Public Publius October 11, 2018
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