Me when sick, in complete definition.
"what are you up to?" "I'm sniveling on the couch." "Aw you poor thing, i'll bring you soup and tissues!"
by sickyonthecouch-potato September 22, 2013
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Sniveller is term used for some who has rat like qualities. One who is a sniveller will usually have annoying qualities. Such qualities include a lisp , and thinking that you know a lot about a topic which you don't The sniveller usually walks around places with his neck and face toward the ground. A sniveller will most likely be an unpopular person at school or someone with a reputation which is not so great. Snivellers sometimes eat their sandwhiches with their front teeth as well , as getting mad and obnoxious over jokes. The sniveller will try and shove off the jokester and yell at them. Snivellers are nosy and bug people. They usally are techie or game people with an attitude which is horrible. They do not have downs syndrome but tend to act like they do at times.
Julian: Man that David kid is such a sniveller.
Callum: I know he's so annoying , and bothers the shit out of people. Why can't he just leave the computer room.
by Heartmanofwestdale2sorry October 15, 2009
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(noun) pronounced with a hard 'i' sound

1. A person who is conniving, and manipulates situations or people for their own benefit. Selfish. (insult)

2. Friendly jab at mutilative, often crafty behavior which is self serving, selfish.

3. Someone who pleads, whines, begs for something, which they don't deserve.

Originated in Pueblo, CO skateboard culture in the late 80's when an overeducated medical student attempted to insult a young skateboarder by calling him a sniveler (soft 'i' sound), a college dictionary word meaning a whiner, complainer, i.e. the Zorlac skateboard motto of the time 'Shut up and Skate'. Instead, a new word was born out of the manipulative behavior that was going on at the same time, likely borrowing money in a whining voice, maybe related to the use here of sniveller. Sniveler expanded in meaning to include behavior such as people stealing tips off tables to pay for their coffee, and any behavior that was self serving, or selfish. While an inside joke, term with skateboarders, it has since expanded coast to coast.
Okay, this isn't fair, you owe more money on the bill, don't be such a sniveler!

Dude, I don't like that guy, he is such a sniveler, always borrowing my stuff and never returning it. I think he sold that deck he borrowed.

He really should be paying rent for how long he has been crashing here, total sniveler.

Did you hear that guy running for office, what a sniveler.
by moreskinny February 2, 2010
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One who attains self serving ends through (highly)passive aggressive means. Also applies to phsyical acts; i.e. line cutting.
1. Purposefully failing to cc a coworker on an email applying to that coworker's area of work (keeping them out of the loop for whatever reason). Telling the colleague you "forgot to add them" and apologizing profusely is an intregal part being a sniveler in this situation.

2.) Driving to the front of long lines of traffic waiting to, for example, get on a bridge or merge into a lane on the road. Hovering at the last possible point of entry long enough until some poor shmuck feels bad for you and lets you ahead of them. This is the ultimate sniveler move during rush hour traffic.

3. Throwing a piece of laundry into someone else's wash (sniveling it in)

4. Sniveling the last diet coke out of the office fridge but leaving the empty box. Thus receiveing the benefit of the last diet coke while:

1.) shirking the responsibility for trashing the cumbersome box and deciding whether or not it should be recylcled

2. avoiding being labeled as generally greedy for taking the last one
by One who sometimes snivels March 17, 2009
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The petty,whining disgrace that our civilization has devolved into.
I want to go to another planet and leave snivelization behind.
by DarthHateU April 20, 2017
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whiny, whining, sorry-for-yourself, self-pitying, sadsack
Stop wallowing in self-pity, you snivelling sorry-ass sadsack!
by lexxxxy February 1, 2014
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A military term for cold weather gear. IE long underwear, but can also mean hats, mittens, raincoats, etc.
"Make sure you have your snivel when we roll out this morning, its gonna be cold as a motherfucker!"
by ACRanger January 16, 2008
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