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Media sources that rely on confirmed facts and clearly differentiate between journalism and editorial.
"That liberal media keeps tryin' to say Obama was born in America even though I know he was born in Kenya!"
by F. O'Bannion September 10, 2011
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Frenemy has a family tragedy. "Thoughts and prayers."
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Lemme try to explain this without resorting to insults and stupid comments like other people, liberal or conservative, have both done.

There is a liberal media, its impossible in America to not have anyone in the media who isnt liberal. However, news shows such as Fox News, CNN, CBS, etc., however many liberals are actually working on the show, we mustn't forget that the ones who own the companies, and ultimately control what goes on the air, are extremely wealthy Christian white men (i know that sounds a bit racist but its true nonetheless). Now think, the democrats want to make the rich pay more taxes since they can afford it, and they want to regulate big businesses like them more. They therefore, arent democrats. George Bush wants to give tax cuts to the rich people, therefore they are republicans. So the people who own the companies which control the news are republicans. Therefore, it is not at all surprising if they decide to keep their stations from airing any stories that slam their president whom they support in any way.
There are some comedy shows and programs that are liberal, but they are merely politcal satire and appear very liberal since conservatives leave themselves so open to jokes. (See The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, The Onion)
There are also many liberal celebrities, and it can sometimes get annoying when MTV begins trying to appeal to kids by saying they hate bush too. However, MTV and whatever celebrities do are not a major part of the media, The News is.

Comedy shows and a few bush slamming stories on the news are about the extent of the liberal media
by Bob April 03, 2006
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A myth used by Republicans to justify having bilge like FoxNews and Rush Limbaugh on the air. One of the Five Great Scapegoats of the modern American Republican who blames all of his shortcomings on everything but himself.
Scapegoat 1: Terrorists/Foreigners
Scapegoat 2: Democrats and Other Liberals
Scapegoat 3: "The Liberal Media"
Scapegoat 4: Secularism
Scapegoat 5: The Poor
by Ninja Disaster January 11, 2004
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1. A lie created by conservative pundits used to describe four of the five major news networks and several newspapers. Consists primarily of a slight majority of left-leaning moderate reporters who are so terrified of being called biased, they deliberately slant their coverage far to the right. Known for ignoring important stories that could have a dramatic impact on American politics, including 2000 election fraud, prewar intelligence that refuted all of Bush's claims about Iraq, and 2004 election fraud.
2. (conservative slang) Any news source that is not blatant about its conservative slant; any news source without the motto 'fair and balanced.'
Damn that liberal media... they keep ignoring all the good things that have happened in Iraq, like those 50 people we saved from the rape rooms by killing 100,000 civilians.
by Andy November 30, 2004
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The Daily Show and The Onion. Thats about it.
When CBS has an "intellegence failure" and does an anti-Bush story, 4 people loose their jobs and Dan Rather's career is tainted.

When George W. Bush has an "intellegence failure," we pre-emptively bomb a country, 1,500 Americans and tens of thousands of Iraqis die. He says "Oops," gets re-elected.
by JakeStar April 25, 2005
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