The epitome of black girl magic. When she walks into a room, you know it's her because of the fierce presence that follows. She is a loyal and compassionate friend and/or lover. She is headstrong in the literal sense of the word; her intelligence is supreme but she delivers it with grace and elegance. If you mess with her loved ones be prepared to face her wrath. She will never let her head fall, for she has to support the crown placed on it and therefore will never let you see her down. However, if you are blessed to see her tears, be as good to her and she so was good to you and that love will come back around tenfold. Her beauty is godly, so natural born goddess is her birthright. With the brightness of her smile you know there is a light that shines both inside and out.
I am inspired by Kenya who is a phenomenal woman.
by PencilPixie February 13, 2018
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Hispanic, black, or European. She's intelligent in her own ways, beautiful, wise like athena, unique characteristics, hard to get, mysterious, and the best kind of a woman a man is lucky to have. She has lovely eyes, and lips like sugar.
She's not an easy girl, but when you get her keep her forever.
I knew I was in love with Kenya the moment I met her.
by Justinelee February 21, 2012
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A country where heroes are murdered and goons are celebrated.
If you stand for the truth you will see Kenya.
by August 18, 2022
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Kenya is the nicest and prettiest girl you’ll ever meet. If you get the chance. A Kenya would never turn her back on anyone. If she does you’ve really broken her. She is always there to hear you out and is like a lock, she’ll never tell a secret.

You can trust her with anything, but she has her problemsto but she won’t ever tell anyone. She’s very trustworthy. Once you meet a Kenya she you best friend for life.
by Just_a_friend666 June 15, 2019
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One of the nicer, safer countries to visit in Africa. Nairobi, the capital, is very nice. It's a lot like San Francisco, only third world. Kenya has spectacularly gorgeous countryside, and unique wildlife that should exist for at least another two or three years before industrialization drives them into extinction. Great place to vacation!
Example? East African country. A place that for some reason is home to a lot of fast runners. The top three fastest people on my track team were from Kenya. That's weird.
by WidgetTheWorldWatcher May 11, 2005
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Better than Norway.
So much so one should forget it.
Kenya has lions and tigers, what does Norway have? Nothing.
by W4FFL3 January 20, 2009
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A athletic women. Has a wonderful body. Is good in bed. Is very funny. Likes football players.
Damn that has to be Kenya
by joseph guzman48 December 22, 2016
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