When news channels are desperate for viewers to make a profit regardless of the actual "news" story. The term is plastered on television around the world as a bait tactic on any news channel to make it look they are the first to inform you on extremely urgent news.
BREAKING NEWS: The Russian invasions into Ukraine have officially been going on for 3 months.
by Stove piped your sister April 29, 2022
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At present, the abbreviated form of 'heartbreaking news'.
Can't believe the breaking news this morning. Dozens of young kids infected from a single teacher, the postal service collapsing, an L.A. protester, hands in the air, shot in the head with a 'less lethal weapon', Trump vowing to ignore his inevitable defeat.
by Monkey's Dad August 3, 2020
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The inability for some individuals to assess the entire story before bringing tidbits to the table in the form of fact.
You can't believe anything that bitch says, she's suffering from Breaking News Syndrome.
by wisconsin quinn September 30, 2008
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Breaking New Ground happens when a woman who has been married for a long time finally has her first big dick experience.It stretches her wider and goes deeper than she ever thought possible.
Man, my date last night started Breaking New Ground.He fucked places I didn't even know existed.
by Mack 12 April 9, 2007
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A : Bob I hate to break the news but our sales were down again last month
by Hamido September 9, 2007
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A "saved up" fart dat you make a big deal about --- i.e., excitedly/self-importantly notifying others in your vicinity: "Hey, guess what?!" --- before releasing.
In da infamous and hilarious "baked beans speech", da hapless slow-cooked-legumes-consumer is merely trying to present a simple announcement about da traditional name for da current time of year, but his nearly-constant whizzpopping causes said presentation to become a truly "(wind)breaking news" item!
by QuacksO January 8, 2022
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