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Pronounced with silent T's at the end of both words.

The Colbert Report is a television show on Comedy Central that airs at 11:30 PM, Eastern Time. Starring Stephen Colbert, the show makes fun of media pundits who comment on news stories.
line that starts every show: "This is the Colbert Report!"
by aaronak May 02, 2006
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Stephen Colbert is a former correspondent for The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, and now has his own show, The Colbert Report, running at 11:30PM EST , Monday-Thursday,and reruns at 8:30PM EST, which runs on Comedy Central (and various other stations worldwide).
The show is a mock of shows suchs as The O'Reilly Factor and Scarburrough Country. Stephen acts Extreme Right wing and Conservative, but often uses it to poke fun at Republicans.
The Report is a big hit among young adults, averaging 1.5million viewers a night.
There isnt an example, just read the text above and watch The Colbert Report everynight! Along with The Daily Show!
by Mr. Johanssen August 08, 2006
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ignore the top entry, stephen colbert is not a conservative he is a democrat and makes fun of liberals TO MAKE FUN OF CONSERVATIVES!
i watched the colbert report
by alex14 August 19, 2006
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A "fake news" television program airing on Comedy Central from Monday to Thursday at 11:30pm eastern time. Hosted by Stephen Colbert, the Report satirizes conservative, ego-centric media pundits such as Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera.

Pronounced "Col-BEAR Re-PORE".
"Open up baby bird, 'cause mama's got a big fat nightcrawler of truth! This is the Colbert Report!"
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The Colbert report is a "fake news show"like the Daily Show, starring Stephen Colbert. It airs at 11:30PM/ET on Comedy Central. Colbert plays tyhe role of a Conservative media pundit.
The Colbert Report really does stick it to Right Wingers.
by Stemic March 07, 2007
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