In sports (basketball and baseball, mainly) when one team wins every game in a series.
by Adrian September 30, 2006
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(n.) a raid by the police
They caught him in a sweep.
by AJok January 17, 2008
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(n) the amount or extent of emotional movement in a piece of art
(adj) the quality of possessing the aforementioned

*especially relevant when referring to a film
*more so when referring to an epic or fantasy film
The movie adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are just looks like it will have the certain sweep that made the book so touching.
by B J Maxwell Malkovich August 6, 2009
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The Cardinals losing all 4 games of the World Series, in a row, to the Red Sox.
Can you believe the Red Sox pulled off the sweep? The Cardinals are horrible!
by Nomah January 21, 2005
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The art of sweeping one under the rug after an error or bout of self-ownage.
Boy 1 - "Haha, what an idiot. You spelt that word wrong, you are so dumm"

Boy 2 - "..'DUMM'? Sweep sweep"
by MaxCarsLad February 14, 2005
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Sweepings: The scraps, leavings, hand-me-downs, things tossed aside as the quality stuff is grabbed up at sales. Junk.
Allie and her friend Brenda waited all night to get into the store with the Grand Opening mega-sale. As they were scrunched through the door the mob rushed right through them and by the time they could get the clothes they dreamed of - all that was left were torn & dirty things that were either way too small or large enough to use as a tent. Scraps and pieces of clothing littered the floors, trampled and raggedly filthy junk.

Well Bren, looks like were stuck with the sweepings.
by Century25 September 30, 2013
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