Take a damaging true story and preemptively leak it to a reporter with enough bogus details stirred in to discredit the reporter and the story itself.
I can't belive Robert Richer Dan Rathered me!
by smb1971 August 9, 2008
A "journalist" better known for sayings like:

"Let's hit these biscuits with a dab of gravy."

than actual news reporting.

A newsman with a vendetta that came close to tears on the night of November 2, 2004 when he had to announce that the guy he made up documents to smear ( President George W. Bush) had actually won the election while he (Dan Rather) had lost what little credibility he had left.
What's the frequency, Kenneth?
by Concerned November 29, 2004
Dan Rather needs to wipe his mouth once in a while. He drools more than my dog.
by Dylan Hamilton April 5, 2005
A news reader who can't distinguish news from partisan idealogy and innuendo.
When Dan Blather was caught using known faked documents on C-B.S's hit piece on Bush, he accused everyone else of the same things he himself was guilty of for years. He even had the arrogance to state that even though the docs were faked, the message is true. Nice going, schmuck.
by tradesman October 1, 2004
A wistful looking man who throughout his life had to butter up to the Jewboys in charge of his network.
His coat of arms should read:
"I'd rather not"
Dan is a pitiful Joosmedia ho.
by destouches December 20, 2004
Damn Blather knows damn well he is going to retire and so he's taking his best parting shot at Bush by doing a bogus story involving forged documents.

Damn Blather is such a phoney!
Dan,I'd rather not!

^from an old Saturday Night Live skit,lol
Dan Blather is one boring sob
by zzzZZ September 18, 2004