one who posseses red/pink/orange hair
Jarrad is the biggest herring, his hair could stop traffic.
by sam July 2, 2004
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an expert lumberjacks' tool to chop trees
you must chop the largest tree in all the forest with a herring!
by jawsofboredem November 23, 2006
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ouuu imma lil bit herring because of that keefe Marijuana
by lilbitofsause February 15, 2018
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a thing the teach says to be funny
"A her her" the teacher sed right after explaining why bush is good
by beau h ligmen March 20, 2004
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"Her or Her" is a game most often played by two male friends during a time of boredom. The game is played by asking one of the persons to choose between 2 photos of female celebrities in a magazine. That person then picks 1 of those celebrities that he would rather have sex with. This game can also be played between two women, which is then called "Him or Him." This game continues until there is no more photos left in the magazine or both persons move onto something else.
(Person 1) Okay, Her or Her? Jessica Alba or Vanessa Lengies? (Person 2) Humm, I would pick Vanessa Lengies. (Person 1) I would pick Jessica Alba. Now it's your turn to ask me.
by the2ndflood March 7, 2008
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during heterosexual sex, the man removes his member and ejaculates onto his partner's skin, rather than inside her, such as to lessen the odds of pregnancy when forgoing a condom
"You got her pregnant? I thought I told you, 'on her not in her'!"
by asdfhaqnhnpw October 12, 2007
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THE girl. The one you will never get, get back, or ever forget.
The girl that you will stay up all night for just so she doesn't haunt your dreams. The girl you will always remember.
I still see her in my dreams.
by B.A. Nance December 2, 2008
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