Guy 1: Wanna go to that party tonight
Guy 2: Fs!
by Bootybootybootymarijuana April 12, 2017
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FS is a slang word. Used in 2016 mostly by teenagers this word means For sure and or fashooo
Ok nigga fs really fd
by yagirldictionary October 24, 2016
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Fake smile the worst thing that someone has
Guy 1:Her eyes look empty but she's smiling

Guy 2:yeah she's putting on her Fs
by 😊😘😡 May 9, 2015
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Fucking Sick
Meaning it is so coolllll and it is BRO thing
Dude smaahing that girl was fs!
by Fs bro defenition July 9, 2018
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noun : Fs ; Plural : Fs's

- To cause irritation and annoyance to other
human beings which leads you to wanting to bitch
slap someone hard on the face.

- To be full of themselves.

Synonym : Irritation, Annoyance, Exasperation, Fucking burden

Opposite : Pleasing, Agreeable, Caring
How to use in a sentence :

1) Muthusamy was pissed off by Raju as Raju was being an Fs the whole time at work.

2) The whole class was trying to avoid Tap Sum Bong as he was Fs-ing by talking about himself all the time.

3) "CAN YOU STOP BEING AN FS ?!" Salmah shouted at Anthony.
by Tap Sum Bong123 July 17, 2021
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john:"u going to that party i heard they got strippers"
james:"oh fs"
by gayfortacos November 15, 2016
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