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Popular networkiing website, popular with scene kids. Allows teenagers with bad haircuts to take low quality pictures of themselves pouting, and comment on all their friends pouting.
"Why would I want Myspace? I already have facebook."
by JakeStar April 4, 2005
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Apple's latest incarnation of its hugely sucessful iPod. The iPod Nano allows users to insert 1,000 songs up their ass.
Now my dream of fitting a hundred albums into my rectum can finally come true, thanks to the iPod Nano. Thanks, Apple!
by JakeStar October 5, 2005
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Judging by the pictures, its just emo with better lighting.
*sigh* I'm emo...

Hell yeah! I'm scene!
by JakeStar April 26, 2005
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GM's attempt at making an environmentally-freidnly vehicle.
With gas prices skyrocketing and our environment being destroyed, GM didnt make a hybrid car, but rather a slightly smaller, slightly more efficient H2.
by JakeStar April 5, 2005
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A run-down boarding house for bums, hobos, and other transients. Not used anymore.
"Get those street-Arabs out of my shop and into the flop-house where they belong!"

Angry shopkeep, c. 1890
by JakeStar July 18, 2005
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Home field of the Boston Red Sox. Its tiny, anicent, and smells of beer and urine, but Sox fans wouldn't have it any other way.
by JakeStar July 16, 2005
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When yelled, clears out a crowded theatre in a huury.
Which Amendment gives us the right to yell "Fire!" in a crowded movie theatre?
by JakeStar April 5, 2005
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