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Judging by the pictures, its just emo with better lighting.
*sigh* I'm emo...

Hell yeah! I'm scene!
by JakeStar April 26, 2005
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When yelled, clears out a crowded theatre in a huury.
Which Amendment gives us the right to yell "Fire!" in a crowded movie theatre?
by JakeStar April 5, 2005
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The act of popping up the collar of a polo shirt, so it covers the neck.

Twenty years ago kids in ghetto wore their collars popped, now it is a trend among frat boys and preps.

A common look for the frat boy is to wear a pink polo shirt with the collar popped. The pink shirt fools sorostitutes into thinking that frat boy is comfortable with his sexuality, when in reality, every sixth word out of his mouth is faggot.
And here we see a fine specimen of prep. Note the sandles with socks, meticulously groomed hair, and popped collar.
by JakeStar May 7, 2005
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Sex between two (or more) people living in the same dorm.

Common among freshman, who excited by their newfound freedom have sex with the nearest person they can get their booze-soaked hands on. Its all well and good until October rolls around and you hate each other but still see each other everyday.
"You fucked your neighbor? Bad idea, dormcest usually does not end well."

"But we were drunk! And my mom wasnt going to walk in on us!"
by JakeStar May 9, 2005
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As any know-it-all 15 year old will tell you, the swastika was originally an anicent Hindu symbol of good fortune and prosperity. However, it was used reletivly recently by the nazis and is still used by various hate groups. One would have to be very foolish to use the swastika with the anicient connotations. Would you wear a swastika armband to wish everyone else good luck?
"Intellectual" 15 year old-I have a swastika drawn on my comp book because it used to be an ancient symbol of good stuff.

Senseable Person-But now its a symbol of the Nazis, racism, and bigotry, and is offensive to millions around the world. Besides, its not like the swastika has had its meaning "reclaimed". Get rid of it before people think that you are actually a Nazi.
Think of it this way: Cadillacs used to be symbols of youth and wealth. Now they are symbols of old age. Does driving a Caddy make people think that you are young and rich? No, usually people see a Caddy and imagine that some old person is driving it. Same basic idea.
by JakeStar January 23, 2006
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A contraction of mad awkward. Can be used as an interjection in situations that are very awkward
'Mom walked in on me right before I was about to get laid"

by JakeStar November 28, 2005
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Contra III kicks so much ass that it is not suitable for women and children.
by JakeStar April 5, 2005
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