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A hot gurl who has lots of energy and is about five foot nothing. There is more to say, but this is a frickin' dictionary.
Em Erdman rocks my world!
by Bob April 18, 2005
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There cannot be just one definition of the so-called emo kid. There are always different types of emo kids, there’s the young and confused, the wrongfully decided, the miserable and unhappy, and the straight edge emo kids.

Young and Confused – these tend to be kids you see in grades 6-10, they mainly listen to pop-punk or pop-emo music. They really have no idea what emo is except that they saw dashboard confessional on MTV and said I want to be like “Chris.” So they go out by all tight fitting close usually try to dress in black grow longer hair and tend to develop an eye sight problem leading them to wear glasses even if they do not need them. You will always find these kids in hot topic buying up all the pop shirts and studded belts and any thing they think will make them look sad because all they are trying to do is be different from everyone else when; however, they just become a “poser” of older emo kids that understand what real emo music is. These kids usually tend to go more towards the XXX ways or start smoking the “marijuana.”

Wrongfully Decided – these are the kids that no one really knew who they were before they start there emo phase. They tend to hang out with a couple emo kids and want to be like them because emo kids act like they have life all figured out and no matter what you do your life will be depressing. So of course these kids will slap on the punk belt or a new popular belt “the brown leather belt” tight close, zip up hoody, grow their hair out and always act depress and go off on every little thing on how it really is wrong because it is known as “popular” to common folk. These kids just are followers and will become what ever they people who brought them into the world of emo are.

Miserable and Unhappy – these are the kids that have never been happy in their whole lives. They always tend to be assholes because they are so narrow-minded and stick to their opinions and cannot agree with any one else’s opinions. These kids always dress in black, usually tight clothing, hats, and are always just looking downward. These kids are usually into the more depressing drugs such as coke, and heroin.

Straight Edge – These are the kids most people tend to hate. They think drugs are evil and anyone that does them should get their ass kicked. Most people hate these bitches. They tend to draw X’s on their hands so everyone knows that they are straight edge. They usually wear the army hats, carry a backpack on there back and hold it with two hands in the front straps. They were any things that look preppy to emo. And they also think they can “kick the shit out of any one.” However, they usually cant because they always have a crew with them you get one or two of these bitches alone and you can have a field day. They can never fight alone they always wait for their friends and like to jump other emo kids that tend to do drugs.

I use to be an emo kid and its just for younger kids. Unless you go famous with it in a band your emo phase will shortly fade out right before you leave high school or in college.
kids in tight clothing, usually black, studded or brown belts, XXX or into marjuanna or coke, zip up hoodies, backpacks/messenger bags, notebooks with lyrics/poems, and just are so narrowminded to any one's opinions.
by Bob December 28, 2004
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tha coolest person god ever created!!!!!!
emzgrl4life14 is so damn kool
by Bob May 30, 2003
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a group of body builders that work out in a fun sexual way. including the jizz bucket stretch, the pussy calf rotater, and the b.j pusher and juicer etc.
i had a great workout with the jizz bucket stretch i really worked out my arms and throat its awesome!
by Bob March 30, 2005
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Professor at Syracuse University's Maxwell School. Teaches Economics and the studies of Adam Smith. Published a textbook, Economics-The Ideas, The Issues, which has been used by his classes in addition to Project Advance classes.
According to Evensky, how can the opportunity cost be determined?
by Bob April 30, 2004
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EverBlue is God. Bow down to him. He is Messiah.
by Bob October 29, 2003
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EverQuest Owns J00...I get pussy just like i am now....mmm pussy
EverQuest Is Awesome...biotch.
John plays everquest while eating pussy.
by Bob August 19, 2003
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