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"Daym, he be struttin down the street and da girls be followin."
by Bob September 21, 2003
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Fuck no.

Russian "through the window" is v okno, when spoken sounds like fuck no.
Bob, do you want to go to the happy hour? Through the window.
by Bob March 6, 2004
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Cartoon Artist that loves to say "I Love My Ass"
Dont be such a Couss.
by Bob April 6, 2005
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The act in which one person utterly defiles another through the act of savage anal intercourse with or with out the permission of the one being defiled.
Last night Rocco jeebuzed Shaniqua so hard she couldn't walk for two weeks
by Bob April 22, 2003
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A very angry but talented actor.
When Robert DiNero comes to your house to kick your ass and read Hamlet.
by Bob November 17, 2004
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