Governor of Florida, whose older brother's stupidity blew any chance of him being president.

Real name is John Ellis Bush, but he goes by "Jeb" in an effort to pretend he's not an Eastern prep school twit.
by Bashman September 3, 2008
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Me: Hey dude, I have a Jeb Bush. Want to hear it?
Friend: sure
Me: knock knock
Friend: who's there?
Me: Jeb failed
Friend: Jeb failed who?
Me: Jeb Failed you
by Toppet May 26, 2016
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Noun: Something that seems promising but turns out to be a total letdown.
This triple layer chocolate cake looks like it will make an amazing dessert! *after three disappointing bites* Nope, it was just a Jeb Bush.
by MakeAmericaBushAgain January 26, 2017
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Slang for an unbelievably pathetic, cringe-worthy performance. Named in honor of Jeb Bush, the "please clap" guy.
That comic totally Jeb Bushed tonight. He was so bad he had to beg the audience to laugh at anything at all.
by America Lover 🇺🇸 October 30, 2019
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a penis so small, it doesn't extend further than one's pubic hair (flaccid or firm)
"You don't want a booty call with Johnny, he's got a Jeb Bush down there."
by JDUB in LA June 25, 2015
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Brother of our current idiot president, Governor of Florida who helped his brohter steal the 2000 election, and hopefully HOPEFULLY not presidential candidate in 2008!!!
Jeb Bush is a slightly more intelligent and fatter George W. Bush, but not by much.
by liberal_hero April 12, 2005
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