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To initiate discharge of complete brain malfunction without realization of any drawn chemical to bodily reactions. Lerching has a radiant chemical discharge of the brain's functional development and memory. Lerching causes mass confusion and temporary hysteria. Lerching is highly contagious. It's chemical imbalance alters the mind's functional processing.

Lerching is a moment defining sheer brain disfunction, often defined in embarrassing situations of double takes and memory recollection if any.

More than likely sources to find lerching would be in areas of sobriety lack. Drunk, stoned, tweaked,you name it.

Common wordings include: Lerch, lerching, the Lerch effect/Lerch syndrome, lerchinitis, lerchover, the lerch
Did you see that guy over there? He was lerching hard and pour gasoline down his arm instead of in the car.

Another common find "quit perching on the bowl"
by chickenandbeansblerb January 15, 2014
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to creep around and hit on girls in the most awkward way possible. Also, if one lerches, he or she will drink protein shakes religiously and take creatine pills every day and wear lifting gloves to the gym.
"Hey Joe did you see Mike lerching around today?"
"Yes, we saw him at the gym and then 10 minutes later at the dinning hall following us around."
by The Real BJ March 25, 2013
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