when someone’s explaining something or responding to an action and says it as speaking for a whole group of people. usually said in fandoms who are “ praising “ their idol for something small or something big
we love a charitable king . . . . (famous name or something) . . . . . who helps the less fortunate
by oomfclubb December 28, 2019
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don’t really love just say it when you’re annoyed or think something is funny
by we love- ms- July 28, 2019
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a sarcastic reply to something someone tells you
person 1: Your shoes just got all muddy

person 2: we love that
by yabouyeet October 18, 2018
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A phrase used to show one's approval of something. Commonly used in Watford, UK.
Person 1: bruh I just got fucked by a plastic tube
Person 2: Losing your virginity to a plastic tube? we love to see it!
by pussydestroyerdawid69 January 10, 2021
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It's basically the gay version of 'I love that/oof, bless your heart'
Ex. 1
Person 1: Literally look at my dog
Person 2: oooo, we love that for you

Ex. 2
Person 1: man, I have a cold, I don't feel well
Person 2: oof, we love that for you
by VayJayVayJay September 28, 2021
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Similar to we love, but used specifically when witnessing an event that's cute, iconic, or worth praising in some way.
Oh my god, Evy just asked Abby to prom and she said yes! We love a moment.
by Wallapology February 18, 2020
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