The way every illiterate person I ever met spells "dining".
To Awl inturestid Horspital staf:
Ther will b a meating inthe nursing home 1 dinning room at 0900 to heer a leckchur on the hazzurds of consuming lead-baist paint chips durin childhud.
by dandi December 20, 2003
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A form of the word dinner. Often used by people that think dinner is too long a word.
"MOM! When is din din going to be ready?"
by Coolioolio April 29, 2007
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I'm so hungry, I think I'll go eat some din-din
by Baseer September 8, 2005
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Din-din is the word used when an owner is about to feed primarily their dog and sometimes their cat dinner hoping that for some reason the pet will magically understand what you mean.
Owner: "Hey Rover, are you ready for some din-din?"
(Dog doesn't show any sign of excitement)
Owner: "Good boy!"
by Tommy Boy G March 19, 2007
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