A fake identification card that shows you are atleast 21 years old. This item is in possession of every OU tard that is under the age 21 because all those dudes do is go to campus corner every night and get fucked up because they are completely useless on the academic side of things. It also easy to use a fake ID in Norman because all the people who are checking are also OU tards so they have absolutely no idea no matter how obvious it is.
Yo, my fake ID came in the other day and the dude in the picture is black and I'm white but I think I should still be fine and it should work. Let's go to campus corner.
by TurnM3Up December 10, 2019
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Fake ID basiclly explains itself, it's an ID that is fake.

Usually it's an ID Card that is fake. Usually fake ID's look like real id cards except they have different information. Many times fake ID's are things like driver's licenses with a different age. People might use a fake ID to get into a club, buy a drink, buy tobacco, or to have an ersatz identity. Sometimes fake ID's are for fun to trick ur friends into making u seem important.
1. Gia went to a guy at her school so she could get a fake ID to get into the Razz Jazz Club.
2. I bought my brother a book of fake ID's as a joke to make him seem important
by Bboops23 November 8, 2004
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(n.) A false identification, a pseudonym, an alias.


(n.) A card that falsely claims the bearer is older than he or she is to enable priveleges such as alcohol or 'baccy.
I was going to show them a fake id but he just gave the stuff to me so I paid for it and walked out. Only bouncers actually give a shit about identification.
by Gumba Gumba May 24, 2004
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serious stare with 22 degree tilt to the head. One eyebrow must be raised slightly. Amateurs make this face while taking a face ID picture.
You: Hey Ryan in oder to get in this room you must do a fake ID face.

Ryan (tilt head serious look eyebrow raised)
by bigsillywilly November 10, 2010
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muthafuckin best rapper alive, straight from the streets of south brig, hes reppin the 609 like a gangsta should. he be gettin the most bitches and poppin any nigga talkin bout undadog. mad props to the king, 609 fo' life!!
fake id is the best muthafuckin rapper alive
by jb-brg August 8, 2006
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