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1. a term denoting the use of melody in a song. Also soothing or "soft" noises in a song.
2. term bands will relentlessly use to definie their new record.
3. Prefix added to several types of aggressive music
1. Have you heard the new Poison The Well Record? It's so Melodic!
2. "yeah our new record is alot like our last one, cept its heavier and more melodic.
3. Melodic-hardcore, Melodic-punk, etc.
by Jon December 24, 2003
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softer the feeling you get after using a drug such as weed,lsd,ormescaline
1)to make your day more melodic grab a pinch of psychedelic

2)dude, when all reality had left your house was so melodic
by skeetkeet June 28, 2006
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