1. a term denoting the use of melody in a song. Also soothing or "soft" noises in a song.
2. term bands will relentlessly use to definie their new record.
3. Prefix added to several types of aggressive music
1. Have you heard the new Poison The Well Record? It's so Melodic!
2. "yeah our new record is alot like our last one, cept its heavier and more melodic.
3. Melodic-hardcore, Melodic-punk, etc.
by Jon December 25, 2003
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softer the feeling you get after using a drug such as weed,lsd,ormescaline
1)to make your day more melodic grab a pinch of psychedelic

2)dude, when all reality had left your house was so melodic
by skeetkeet June 29, 2006
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Is one of the greatest D&B DJ in the UK, the name was made by putting 2 random words together, they were: MELODy and VisonIZE
Shit dude melodize is a great dj.
by Robert Leigh Adams December 1, 2006
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1) to be jazz; cool
2) Describing a cool situation; or person
Big Bill was in a melod mood after his blunt.
The carnival was melod because of all the smoke.
by OntarioGuns June 30, 2008
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The undeniable force from music causing movement in humans.
1. Everyone ran to the artist Fake ID's concert to feel the melodic inertia.
2. The melodic inertia was in the room tonight!
by MrMelodicInertia November 30, 2022
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A kind of dubstep which has a recognizable tune inside it, bass and high-pitched screams not included.

See also: oxymoron.
Melodic dubstep is like an ethical politician: neither can possibly exist, even though life would be 1000× better with them.
by hamuka December 26, 2014
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The Best rap group ever, consisting of Ryebread, Pinan, Antimatter-Bonecrusher and D.J Mar Mar. Mar Mar drops sick beats while these cats twist tonges on intellectual subjects and create wicked rhymes.
"I can't stay within the lines or even hold a crayon right; pay no mind to road signs running every red light; you get frightened by wilderness, me I find it soothing; A man of improv stuck in a giant movie; My thumb is down, I get no substance from this town; somebody's givin them strings and they're all puppets now; Some get clowned because they're different; individualians pinned by this lame game syndicate; I'm into this thing called reality; where virtually every person on this earth baffles me; had the key to success snapped it off in the door knob; I'm happy in this mess and no I don't need your job; I break laws peacefully lots of beautiful nights; just to hear the man read my constitutional rights; roll the dice hope to find excitement in this board game; here's my 2 cents, maybe you can afford change. -Melodic Scribes (intro to "Society")\

by chumbur June 19, 2006
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