The norse countries are the nicest countries in the world, (Norway is the best one). The Norse countries are; Norway, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Norway, Southern-Finland, Norway and Denmark.
The nordic countries rocks!

The norse population rocks as well :)
by .Kris. September 26, 2006
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An insult for someone who is just generally an idiot.

Originating from Birmingham in the UK
"Omigod, Mary Kate Olsen is such a norse"

Girl 1: "She asked me how to spell orange!"
Girl 2: "What a norse"
by E Crawford May 16, 2009
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The word created when an Aussie Bogan says 'NICE'
"Yeh mate, that chic had a NORSE ass!"

"Yeh, NORSE car too"

"MATE, i kicked 6 goals on the weekend!"
by Elvissian May 13, 2010
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A "Norse" is usually a long nose horse.
Guy 1: What even is a norse?
Guy 2: I think it is a long nose horse. However, I have not come to the conclusion that it is.
by LongNoseHorse April 24, 2018
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When you give a boy a wank with your tits
She is good at norsing
by Usman3321 July 15, 2017
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