The norse countries are the nicest countries in the world, (Norway is the best one). The Norse countries are; Norway, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Norway, Southern-Finland, Norway and Denmark.
The nordic countries rocks!

The norse population rocks as well :)
by .Kris. September 26, 2006
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An insult for someone who is just generally an idiot.

Originating from Birmingham in the UK
"Omigod, Mary Kate Olsen is such a norse"

Girl 1: "She asked me how to spell orange!"
Girl 2: "What a norse"
by E Crawford May 16, 2009
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The word created when an Aussie Bogan says 'NICE'
"Yeh mate, that chic had a NORSE ass!"

"Yeh, NORSE car too"

"MATE, i kicked 6 goals on the weekend!"
by Elvissian May 13, 2010
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A "Norse" is usually a long nose horse.
Guy 1: What even is a norse?
Guy 2: I think it is a long nose horse. However, I have not come to the conclusion that it is.
by LongNoseHorse April 24, 2018
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Jim: Is America in Europe?
Timmy: No you absolute norse
by Useless UK Slang October 20, 2018
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a word that describes something as being awesome, without to use that horrible 90s word.
used to describe singular parts of the female anatomy or a nice car you just saw driving by.
always use fuck before it in some way, sounds better.
taken from the norse people, as they were pretty much the meaning of the word.
also used to describe manliness.
"Bro, check out that car"
"Yeah, that shit is fuckin norse"

"Hey man, see that girls tits?!"
"Fuck they were norse!"

"Norse is a fuckin norse word!"
"Yay verrily!"

"Hey Winston, where you been?"
"Oh just beat up a group of ruffians, who tried to mug me"
"Winston... you are fuckin norse mate"
by Gareth the Muss September 1, 2007
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