The sound of a loud and obnoxious laugh that is best screamed when someone humiliates them self. Commonly heard in the ghetto.
(Tyrone falls down a flight of stairs and is knocked out, bleeding from his left ear)
Jermaine (pointing): AHHHHHHHH!!!!
by Welfare Chris February 25, 2008
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A phrase to follow usually a joke or friendly insult, meaning, "just kidding"
(pronounced like, "awwww")
by someoneyoumightneverknow October 25, 2007
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1) The sound you make when you enter the school building.

2) The sound you make during group works when someone tries to make an actual contribution but you just can't let them finish. Mostly followed by apologising and asking them to repeat what they said, just to find yourself interrupting them by making the sound again.

3) The sound you make after school when you feel completely done with everything.
1) *Enters the school building* 'Ahhhhhhhh!'
2) 'Well, I thought we could start with the author and then move on to the-' - 'Ahhhhhhhh!...I'm sorry! What were you trying to say?' - 'I said, that i think that we should start with the-' - 'Ahhhhhhhh!'

3) *School's out* 'Ahhhhhhhh!'
by Leloni November 30, 2020
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