A hot babe with lots of friend he sure wants to fuck you
Hey did you hear Laurie wants to fuck you?! (Katie) Yeah I did!
by SomeoneNukeSfitPlease September 18, 2020
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a woman who will at first be a best mate, but once bored will discard you like a used bit of toilet paper.
A complete flirt and has the tendency to be a bit of a slut.
Person 1-Here mate what’s up with you haven’t been out in ages?

Person 2-its been 5 weeks mate Laurie's moved on to the next poor bastard.

Person 1-oh no suppose you wont not be getting any more invites to go out then. Was good knowing you.

Person 2-yea mate same have a good life
by you.know.who!!! May 26, 2011
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A Laurie is one of the best people you could ever meat. They are shy and smart and don’t really like talking to people, however if you can make friends with one they will always remember you and sick up for you. A Laurie will always have a very high sex drive and a great penis to go along with it. A Laurie is normally a nerd and can be bullied so if you stand up for one he will always try to repay you, even if it doesn’t seem like it. If you ever date a Laurie never let him go and give him all the attention you can, if you loose him you will regret it for ever.
Milly: have you seen that guy? He’s so handsome.

Megan: I know right, he must be a Laurie.
by Jim_Pickens666 December 10, 2019
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The benzo lorezepam/ativan
Gimme a beer let me wash this laurie down
by 6alchemi$t April 5, 2019
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an annoying headbobbing twat
when somebody is yapping and won't shut up like a bobblehead doll...that's a Laurie
by voyear February 7, 2018
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Laurie is a total bitch who can't mind her own fucking bussiness and talks shit on people without thinking they'll find out
Laurie is such a bitch. She doesn't like me and trust me, the feeling is very much mutual
by White r October 14, 2020
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Lauri is a Male given name in Finland.

Lauri are often very funny and intelligent, and are the life of the party. However sometimes they can get carried away with impressing others, sometimes leading to embarrassing situations. Lauri are usually very good with people and get along swimmingly with almost everyone.

Lauri are known for being very athletic and attractive and make great lovers, often having very good skills in bed which coincide with their people skills. On top of being usually well endowed, Lauri are often very good lovers and partners for life.

If you find a Lauri who is loving and caring and puts you first above everything else, keep him and marry him
Have you seen Lauri?

Yes, he’s over there talking with his friends. Im so jealous, of him.. he’s so popular and attractive, i wish i was more like him!
by Torille November 21, 2021
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