Well. In a kick-ass manner. Successfully.
I'm sure you did swimmingly on the SAT.
by UpTheBixe June 20, 2005
With great success, running smoothly, better than before
The Yellowstone Club in MT, is not bankrupt and things are running swimmingly, except for the founder Tim Blixseth, who owe's the resort between $20m-$65m of what he stole.
by M. Cumstein August 18, 2010
When a girl is having such a good time or day because she stuck a fish up her vagina earlier that morning and it's swimming inside her making her continuously orgasm
After I snuck out a fish from that tank my day has gone swimmingly!
by DidacticDolphin July 10, 2019
this sex with her went swimmingly swell.
this job interview went swimmingly swell.
by acaldwell October 1, 2008
things that are going really too easy and exceptionally well
the job i got is swimmingly swell
by artc October 27, 2008