a guy who's in such a shitty situation that you feel sorry for him, even if you hate his fucking guts.
Man#1: Saw you ex-wife down at the mall today.

Man#2: Really?

Man#1: Yeah, she was bitching out her new boyfriend.

Man#2: Better him than me. Poor bastard.
by Bulldog6 October 11, 2009
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A chair in the women's clothing section, usually reserved for a man (who would rather be anywhere else) shopping with his wife or girlfriend.
Woman, "I'm going to run to the dressing room to try on 27 pairs of jeans."

Man, "No problem. I'll be over there in the poor bastard chair reading a book."


"Man, check out the dude in the poor basterd chair! He's out cold. His girl must be trying on half the clothes in that department."
by Delma October 26, 2007
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A group of men whose lives are made miserable by work/chores and decisions forced upon them by their wives.
After Matt's wife picked out his clothing for the day she "suggested" that he go clean the pool before accompanying her to shop for shoes. Matt wondered if there was a local meeting of the Poor Bastard Society this evening at the country club bar.
by Vivalicious January 4, 2010
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