The most beautifull person from in and out. Girl,if u have an relationship with Lauris, u are the most luckiest girl in the world. Dont ever loose him.
by anonymouslyonbekend November 23, 2021
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to make people miss you because you are telling them you no longer going to be working with them and then tell them that you will stay at the job with no regard for the grief they went through.
"She said she was gonna leave this job and i totally cried but she ending up staying"

"dude she totally was laurieing you"
by Princec20 February 26, 2008
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Laury is a kind sensitive guy. At times he struggles to convey his emotions but you know deep down he wants to connect mentally with you. He is sensual and gentle with every woman he meets, lovable and sincere. Very mysterious personality does not let out too much. He is definatly the boyfriend type and the guy you want in your life. He can be cold at times but when you see him he warms you right up again.
"He is such a Laury so gentle"
by Jennifernewsome January 19, 2012
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Lauris a kind and very sexy male.
Most are attracted to him and he will protect you if you are nice to him.

Never underestimate him he is smart when he needs to be and very strong

He might not have good style but he makes lots of money so you can help him find style
Oh it's lauris he's my best friend and always helping others
by November 23, 2021
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A type of person who works at a significant position in student councils, but gets an embarrasing amount of academic debts.
Heard about John from student council? I heard he went full lauris because of Math.
by VolcanoMTAF February 17, 2018
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A very talented English actor. He often collaborates with Stephen Fry, his best friend since they went to Cambridge together.
Person 1: In the United States, Hugh Laurie is best known for his role in House M.D.
Person 2: Those who live in England have his other works more readily available, the lucky barstads.
Person 1: That's 'bastards', otherwise good.
by Emmaline July 14, 2005
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