A couple who bonds over harassing and threatening other women online. Most tend to be miserable, mentally unstable, hateful, women haters, with an obsession for doordash. They are most likely to go after the most vulnerable women in a community. They strive for the title of the biggest victim. They rarely have any legit supporters because they used private contact information from donations to intimidate them into silence. However, they are secretly waiting for the day they turn on each other, and begin the process of air each other's dirty laundry, in a competition to be top victim. They most likely already have their narratives and lies against each other prepared.
Oh no they broke up? Hopefully they're not a Bob and Laurie kind of couple.
by DidYouCatchThat October 2, 2022
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Anne-Laury is a name that descends from 1800's even though its a rare name its really pretty. Anne-Laury 's are mostly people with a big heart and are always there for they're friends. They have an extraordinary imaginations and they love in there own way . Theyr mostly scorpios and are know to be from a supernatural race that would explain why theyr so different from other people. They love animals a lot and protect them . they have trust issues they find it hard to trust people but when they trust u sge will be by ur side to the very end but if u break their trust u will never find it again whom ever you might be . Im an Anne-Laury myself and to anybody who will have this name ur brave and hardworking dont ever give up continue cheering cause thats what make us invincible . I dont know u but ur pretty and i wish i met u.
Anne-Laury Jean Pierre is the one who writed this.cheer up Anne-Laury cheer up and continue.
by Anne-Laury lolo bane November 21, 2021
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