Milly is often tall with brown eyes. She tells herself that she isn’t good enough but she actually AMAZING. She is smart and caring and will always be there for u no matter what. She barely ever says no to people because saying no makes her feel bad. She’s bubbly and a little crazy 😜. If u have her NEVER LET HER GO!!

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by 🥸🤓🥸🤓 August 25, 2021
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Milly’s are usually short but with a great ass, she is funny and loud but can be annoying at times. She is a great friend and is always there for you, she will stand up for you or herself when she needs to. She is genuinely very pretty but thinks she isn’t, she doubts herself way to much. she brings herself down and has a fake smile and says I’m fine when she rlly isn’t. She helps those in need, she won’t say no to anyone bc she feels bad and will most of the time speak the truth. She comes up with creative yet weird ideas, she thinks she is always someone’s second choice and always thinks she is never good enough. She had an amazing style and is good at posing in pics. She laughs at the most stupidest things but laughs at almost everything. She has the most weirdest personality and she has different laughs every time she laughs.
Did you see milly today?

Yeh she was laughing at almost everything and that made me laugh, although she was doubting herself quite a bit.
by ✌🏽 March 1, 2019
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A very generous and outgoing person , though she seems confident and outgoing she is actually very shy and insecure . She only has a couple of friends but it’s all she needs as she is happy with little. Milly is a hardworking person who knows their goals, though they are over thinkers and can be insecure they do not show this to everyone , just their closest friends. Milly is usually blind to her amazing appearance with her body and face and stuns the people around her with natural beauty as well as being an extremely athletic person.
If only I had a friend like Milly who cared for me.
Wow! Look at the beauty on milly!
by Uno reverse on you May 21, 2019
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Milly is the hottest girl around and she is a model. She has the best body and everyone loves her, if you know someone named Milly they are the funniest and most entertaining people to have around, we all love Milly but she’s usually the slow one in the group but everyone still loves her, she is really fit even though she does nothing and she will most Likely become rich.
Milly is a hot bitch
by Gregorny2222 August 8, 2019
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Extremely independent loves her family with all her heart
Milly also loves her bf gieo
by Millyyyy October 31, 2019
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A great kisser, usually short, expensive clothes, likes a good time in bed, can attract many boys from a mile away, very funny, always there.
That's a milly for sure!
by Drank8989 April 23, 2017
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an extremely hot girl who's fantastic at kissing.
She is definetly a Milly!
by jizz1234 January 11, 2010
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