A great British actor who plays Dr. House on "House M.D." He also played the dad in "Stuart Little."
Person 1: I didn't know Hugh Laurie had a British accent!
Person 2: He sure does. He just does a very convincing American accent in "House".
by Heather Edwards January 9, 2006
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An extremely talented actor based out of Britain starting his acting career in the Footlights Theater troop at Cambridge where he met one of his closet friends, Stephen Fry, who he later started in and co-wrote A Bit of Fry and Laurie with, and starred in Jeeves and Wooster with (Laurie playing Wooster). Stephen Fry is the Godfather of his children.

He later recorded an audition tape for House M.D. in a men's room while on set filming the remake of Flight of the Phoenix (in which he played Ian).

He is now the title role in House (going on it's sixth season).

He is married to Jo Green and has three children: Bill, Charlie, and Rebecca.

He is a part of a band of celebrities called Band From TV that plays for charity.
Watch an episode of House or A Bit of Fry and Laurie to see Hugh Laurie's acting skills! (Check Youtube)
by hughlauriefan February 24, 2010
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Being so bad and retarded at a videogame that our feeble human minds cannot comprehend it. Pretty much like having an hamster with a wheel instead of an brain.
"Jesus, the almighty christ, he just rushed in solo."
"Wow, what an Lauri brain!"
by OppaiSlayer June 1, 2021
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A fit Finn who wears crows' feathers in his hair. Has an obsession with birdies. A respected, I repeat, RESPECTED musician in Finland. Lead singer from a brilliant band called The Rasmus. He was born in Hellsinki on 23rd April 1979.
"Ten inches? She doesn't know what she's saying! 'Bigger?' Bigger and better"
by Solaki Hakala-Ylönen September 17, 2004
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She is the most caring woman and would give up anything she has in an instant for the ones she loves. She works hard for what she has and always strives for what she wants.
Laurie Mares checked up on me and helped me threw my rough times
by Strawberry247 May 13, 2017
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best described in two words....beautiful and inspirational
lyrics, the songs, the person, the idea
by Katelin July 16, 2004
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To smell an undergarment to determine whether it is clean or soiled.
Frank hot laurie'd his underwear lying on the floor to determine whether it needed to be washed.
by ndiggity July 11, 2008
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