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HashTag Lauri, a girl you will most likely never know truly cause she is a loner by nature. She is 100 percent content in her own skin, meaning, she will never be afraid of admitting her own faults and doing what she wants to fancy. You will never be able to break her; she may stumble and scrape a knee and sorts, but she will always get back on her feet and rock whatever she chooses! Honesty is her best policy regardless if you like it or not, she will always be true or she will say nothing at all. Her heart is heavy. Her heart is protected. Her heart is hers and it's rare for Her heart to feel unless it's her family and selected friends she chooses to have in her circle. Once you get to truly know a Lauri and she chooses you also, you have a Being you will never want to live without!
You just accept Lauri for who Lauri is...Or you dont!
by Tommy Fitzerald February 08, 2018
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Lauri’s are people that are loved by everyone.
The woman that everyone else wants to be like.
Always very charismatic.
Looks good in everything but she doesn't think so.
Usually the life of the party.
Lights up a room just by being there.
Healthy & very physically fit.
Totally sexy.
Great friend.
Grace under fire.
Loves sex and is an amazing lover!
Keeps men coming back for more...
That blonde bomshell must be a Lauri because she is amazing!
by Thomas Crownes March 03, 2009
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A girl who has a fetish for dwarfish people
John: That girl is such a Lauris
Matt: Yeah I heard she had one last night
by John Ezzy November 26, 2010
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A type of person who works at a significant position in student councils, but gets an embarrasing amount of academic debts.
Heard about John from student council? I heard he went full lauris because of Math.
by VolcanoMTAF February 17, 2018
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