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A website that is renovated every other day.
Josh: Hey man, have you ever been on YouTube?
Louis: Yeah, isn't that the website that changes itself every fucking day and forces you to sign up for Google+?
by SlutVista February 28, 2014

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A phenomenon in video games where the game slows down. Many gamers do not have the mental capabilities to deal with said lag, causing them to go into mentally and physically destructive meltdowns.
Luke: *Playing Minecraft* Die n00bs!
Luke: FUCK! SHIT! FUCKIN LAG! AHHHHHHHH!!! WHAT DO I DO?!?! *cries hysterically before having a seizure and dying*.

No one attended his funeral.
by SlutVista September 26, 2014

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YOLI mean's "You Only Live Infinitely". This is often used by Buddhists, Hindus, or anyone else who believes in reincarnation.
Jack: I was thinking of becoming a necrophiliac, but I wasn't sure if I should...
Justin: YOLI man! Go on ahead and live life how you please! Screw nirvana! You have all the time in the world to reach it.
by SlutVista November 03, 2013

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Getting caught "white-handed" is when someone is caught in the act of masturbating. They could be masturbating to porn, or they could just be having some fun with themselves on the toilet. White-handed refers to the cum that drips out of their penis and onto their hands if they don't clean it up right away.
Ethan's mom: So I was going into Ethan's room yesterday to give him his laundry, and then I caught him white-handed!
Ethan's teacher: I caught him in school once! He is such a horny kid...
by SlutVista November 03, 2013

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Someone who is obsessed with meat. Bacon for breakfast, hamburger for lunch, and steak for dinner. These are the people who would eat a live chicken or a moose's cock if it could earn them a few bucks. They hunt and fish with their sons day and night and are often diehard Republicans who are religious as fuck and often send their kids to school wearing camo pants. They almost always have a deep hatred for all vegans and vegetarians, and ask them questions about if they would eat a pig if they were on a deserted island. They would stab their mom for a slim jim and would assassinate the CEO of PETA for some fried chicken.
Jessica: I told John that I was thinking of becoming a vegan, and he bitch-slapped me!
Marissa: OMG, he is SUCH a meat whore!
by SlutVista November 02, 2013

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A shitty website that faggots use.
Hector: Wanna be in my circle on Google+?
Noah: Nah. I'm not a fag.
by SlutVista February 28, 2014

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A fuck monkey is a rude and irritating person. They usually are someone who touch people in weird and aggravating ways. (Such as flicking them or slapping their neck randomly.) They are usually very loud as well.
Kyle: *walks by Peter and slaps his neck*
Peter: Screw you, fuck monkey!
by SlutVista March 10, 2016

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