What your AOL service does!
Sorry, I cant play Battlefields Online cause my AOL lags.
by Kev23 September 17, 2005
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when you ask someone a relatively basic question and it takes them a longer than average time to respond due their brain lagging out. The lag time can vary from about 10 seconds to 7 minutes.
Person 1: "Hey Brown, do you hate Obbo?"
.......(5 minutes later).......
Brown: No he's a fucking tit face
by Pharm October 21, 2004
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to slow down online games due to slow modem connection. (Starcraft, Diablo, Warcraft III) The attribute of being slow on game servers.

Game description: Four versus four players, Cable or DSL internet connection prefered. If you lag you will be banned from the game.
by machinehien March 06, 2003
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Loose aggressive player in poker. They play many hands and will bet and raise consistently.
This LAG sitting to my right is pissing me off. He raises my big blind every time.
by snelgrave June 03, 2007
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a excuse of why sumbody has been owned on multiplayer games
Omg i owned you soo bad.....
WTF soo laggy
by Blizara March 17, 2005
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