1. The result of a slow connection which manifests itself as a failure to load.

2. The reason that guy you just emptied two magazines from an AK47 into just turned around and stabled you in the face.

3. The supposed reason that you just missed that super easy shot.
Man 1: You suck at this game!

Man 2: Its the lag I swear!
by howboutthis tanner March 02, 2011
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The time that it takes a turbo to spin up or start working in its' most efficient range is called turbo lag. Think of it as a delay in the amount of time from when you depress the gas until the engine starts to speed up...the bigger the turbo, the longer the lag. But bigger turbos make more horsepower overall...
dang man, your car has some serious turbo lag but hey, once that baby kicks in it destroys everything on the road
by donzeki December 04, 2006
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urinating (used in the city of Dunton, Beds., England)
"I say old boy let's find a WC - I need a lag"
by Ronny St Papps December 20, 2004
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buy the domain for your diy vlog
prisoner as in "old lag"
Big Len was an old lag out a' the Srubs
by dilbert scrunchie June 20, 2003
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LAGS is the acronym for Little Asian Girl Syndrome, were cuteness overrides all other factors in decision making.
Person 1: I want that bear.
Person 2: Why?
Person 1: Wahhhh, it's so cute!
Person 2: Dude, you have LAGS...
Person 1: What's that?
Person 2: Little Asian Girl Syndrome...
by LAGSanator April 20, 2011
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Im playing the game runescape right now, and guess what its lagging so im writing this. Lag when everything freezes and you carnt do nothing (often resulting in death). Some players make this up as an excuse for them dieing or being a noob
by mark williams June 19, 2005
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