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An observable fact or event that is strange, mysterious, or amazing. Generally, but not always, used to describe something impressive and out of the ordinary.
The viewers reported the phenomenon of an unknown spacecraft flying over the hill, but managed to get no photos.

The young children were awed by the phenomenon of the magnets pushing away at each other.

It was quite a strange phenomenon to see Brad get a B on his paper.
by Blutliebe March 02, 2010
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1.Someone who appears to be amazing but probably just thinks they are to gain self recognition.

Matt is a local Phenomenon because he is in a band.
by Mixed Nuts in Texas January 24, 2008
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The result of acquiring a machine and pressing all the right buttons.
See machine for details.
Look at that phenomenon I just made, all thanks this machine!
by snootch May 11, 2003
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