a term from online games desciribing a problem in a game causing people or objects to "freeze" and re-apear elseware, very annoying and sometimes used as an excuse by noobs (e.g. noob just got killed so he says: "Stupid lag!!!!")
dude, this map is lagging like crazy!
man the lag is killin me!
by dadefiner December 19, 2008
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Slowness in an online game because of a bad server, or an over-abundance of people using it.
Uber-l33t-noobzorman: "OMFG damn lag... a poring just killed me..."
Me: "dude... you just suck."
by The Ownage February 24, 2005
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A word that instills fear in the hearts of 'World of Warcraft' fanatics and those who would join the urb-nerd camp everywhere, as thirty or so people have offered irritatingly nerdy definitions for this bit of tech vernacular, thus NO ONE should post a definition with more than one instance of internet shorthand, because it gets really annoying to see online gamers deliver expositories upon scenarios that can only occur in front of a keyboard and a computer moniter. that being said, lag is nothing more than a digial device's irritating tendency to process input more slowly than it takes for the user to output it.
Me: hey, i pressed a button on my cell phone and it took a couple of seconds for it to register
friend: why's that
Me:I don't know, looks like my cell phone is a victim of lag
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When your girlfriend has to fake an orgasm because your sexual connection is faster than her's. Don't worry its not your fault she's just lagging.
She said she faked it because i wasn't good in bed but i think she was just lagging.
by XxOwnagexX September 08, 2009
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An online gamer's worst nightmare. It's what happens when a good player gets killed more than he's supposed to, or when a bad player gets more kills than he's supposed to. Only elitist jackasses come close to the evil known as lag.
The professional player could not headshot the newcomer very well because the newcomer was lagging.

The n00b blamed the other player for lagging when he was getting slaughtered.
by Durango September 03, 2006
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What people using 56K or below cause while playing a multiplayer game.
Player 1 Ping 999
Player 2: upgrade ur 14.4k lagger!!1
by SC.Zee September 25, 2003
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• when texting someone and the conversation is weak and or boring.

• too plain to talk to while texting/calling/ and or in person.
I don't flirt with you when we text because you lag much. our conversations are pretty boring.

I'm not talking to Becky because she's such a lag when we text. is really boring.
by slangtypeshit October 27, 2014
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