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1. (adj.) The state of inebriation associated with a party thrown by Phil Kunkle. In most cases, consequences include alcohol poisoning, the contraction of one or more STD's, blindness, injury and possibly death.

2. (v.) The act of partying with Phil Kunkle. Activities include but are not limited to: beer pong, quarter bounce, other drinking games, liberal attempts at wiisports, sex with one or more partners, the imbibing of several hard alcoholic drinks, the imbibing of several illegal alcoholic drinks, the usage of recreational drugs, drunken dancing to music, throwing up in the bathroom, and doing stupid stunts to prove you have more balls.
1. Bill: hey man, you look pretty krunkled right now...
Joe: Imnodunk, yuudadunkun... (drunken babbling)

2. Bill: Hey Joe, wanna go over Phil's and get krunkled?
Joe: No, I still can't remember the name of that chick I keep fucking.
by Phil Kunkle December 28, 2007
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