When you have been dating someone for a while and you finally have sex
Hey Tommy, I finally sealed the deal with Sarah this weekend and it was definitely worth the wait!
by Brewtownbadass July 10, 2017
After cumming inside a girl you lick the pussy lips and pinch them closed. Like pressing down a envelope.
I can't wait for you to seal the deal in bed with me.
by Lickdaquill January 7, 2021
When a straight guy does something that convinces everyone who's watching him do it that he's officially gay (or gives everyone the right to call him gay from them on).
Dude, John... You're already wearing a dress from the last bet. Kissing Adam right now for another 20 bucks would just seal the deal.
by Alexander0000 September 15, 2008
To seal the deal, when one shits oneself and to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment involved with their defecation escaping in public, clasps the hand over the anus securing any feces into place.
Ah tull ye wha Rab, Ah wus guv'n a spich at mah cusins weddin' tha other dae like an Ah shite masen on accoont a how hungover Ah wus.
Ah proper had tae seal the deal like!
Ah slapped mah hand oer mah arse an carried aun wi mah spich!
by Oosoom October 10, 2017